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현해탄은 알고 있다(1961) / The Sea Knows ( Hyeonhaetaneun Algo Itda )

, , , 영화의 자세한 정보를 보려면 아래의 웹주소를 방문하세요. For detailed information on this film, visit : (한국어) (English) 감독(Director) : 김기영(Kim Ki-Young) 출연 : 김운하(아로운),공미도리(히데꼬),이예춘(모리 일등병),이상사(리노이에),김진규(나까무라 일등병),김석훈,주증녀(히데꼬의 어머니),김승호,박암(헌벙대),박노식,김지미,양훈,정문각,조석근,유춘수,추석양,최삼,주상현,고설봉,임운학,지방열,하룡,안성,박현철,김완택,이림,설재희,김정조,노위진,이행복,김용대,신정식,정현익,이근성,박승진,김추남,정경선 줄거리 : 1944년 1월, 일본 명고옥(名古屋, 나고야)에 있는 수송부대에 한국인 학생들이 학병으로 입대한다. 그 중에는 총독에게 대들어 요주의 인물이 된 …

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, , , In this gripping Hindi romance drama, Simran, a gangster’s lonely and alcoholic moll finds solace with another man, Akash when in Seoul. They proceed to fall in love with each other. Their blissful life is disrupted when Daya, the gangster, decides to turn up. Underworld clashes, betrayals, …

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, , , Abhimanyu Kaul – a young, independent, Games Developer living in Japan and the love of his life, Anwita Chauhan – a bubbly, passionate and full of life, summer intern. Their happy and content life faces the test of time when blood ties and the pressure of being …

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피아골(1955) / Piagol (Pi-agol)

, , , 영화의 자세한 정보를 보려면 아래의 웹주소를 방문하세요. For detailed information on this film, visit : (한국어) (English) 감독(Director) : 이강천(Lee Kang-Cheon) 출연 : 노경희(애란),이예춘(대장, 아가리),김진규(철수),허장강(만수),윤왕국,송곽상,이원철,김영희,조남석,곽건,김익환 줄거리 : 휴전 후에도 지리산에 남아 있는 소수의 빨치산 중 아가리(이예춘)라는 별명을 가진 인물이 대장을 맡고 있는 부대는 온갖 만행을 저지른다. 공산주의 …

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Patel Ki Punjabi Shaadi

, , , The film starts off with the introduction of the hard-core Gujarati family of Hasmukh Patel, which consists of his mother, two daughters. Just as when the whole focus of the Patel family is set on their elder daughter getting married, there enters the fun loving and ever-enthusiastic …

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The Battle of Jangsari

, , , Based on the true story of forgotten heroes of the Korean War, a small, inexperienced battalion of student soldiers are tasked with liberating the strategic location of Incheon. source korean

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The Korean War: No Longer Forgotten Part I

, , , “Some Korean veterans believe that we lost the war, some believe that we won the war and some believe that our men died for a tie, in truth we did all three” This so called ‘Forgotten War’ was one of the most gruelling battles to be fought, …

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The Korean War: No Longer Forgotten Part II

, , , Continue the journey through the timeline of Korea, the hardships, victories and conclusion of one of the most unprepared war’s in history with Part II of The Korean War: No Longer Forgotten, shedding light on this demanding war from beginning to end, highlighting the impact it has …

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