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Watch Bengali Full Movie “Dutta Vs Dutta”

Kolkata (then Calcutta) in the turbulent 1970s. rono (Ronodip Bose), the 17-year old scion of the ‘aristocratic’ Dutta family who live in a once-spacious mansion, has returned to base because he has been thrown out of his prestigious boarding school as his father could not shell out the school fees. He hates the city and the home. His father (Anjan Dutt) and uncle (Biswajit Chakraborty) are at loggerheads with an ongoing case in court. His mother (Rita Koiral) is an incurable alcoholic. His father is a lawyer who has no practice and whiles away his time either drinking at the expense of the residential kabuliwallah or doing ‘overtime’ with the beautiful but ageing Rumi mashi (Rupa Ganguly). His elder sister, Cheena (Arpita Chatterjee), is having a torrid affair with a distant uncle (Shankar Chakraborty) who practically lives of the Duttas. His youngest uncle (Subhasish Mukherjee), is crazy and has to be kept locked In the room on the roof. The film portrays the coming-of-age of the confused puzzled, angry and angst-filled Rono through his love-hate relationship with his father…

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  1. এই ছবিটাতে নকশাল আন্দোলনকে ছোট করা হয়েছে। বিপ্লব জিন্দাবাদ।

  2. সৃজিত দা'র ক্যারেকটার টা বাস্তবে কে?

  3. খুব ভালো একটা মুভি,,,,,

  4. Ei cinema anjan dutta chara ar keo parbe na… hats of u sr.

  5. I want to see hot movie
    Please someone tell me the list
    I'm from Italy

  6. Couldn't stop myself to comment such a nice film. it's a movie of life and progress with all obstacles surrounding. and also its a movie of inspiration .

  7. অসাধারন অসাধারন……শেষের ১ঘন্টা মুগ্ধ হয়ে দেখেছি………সম্পক'গুলো বরই অদ্ভুত ।

  8. একটা ভালো ছবি দেখলাম। কেন যে অঞ্জনদা কে আরো বেশি করে ইন্ডাস্ট্রিতে ব্যবহার করা হল না! কতটা গাটস্ থাকলে এরকম একটা ছবি করার সাহস দেখানো যায়।

  9. Movie ta sotti mugdho kre dilo Anjan Dutta er moto kichu kichu director er jonnoi hyy to ekhno bangla movie er morjada tike acche

  10. অসুস্থ অবস্থায় অঞ্জন দত্তের অভিনয়টা অসাধারণ ছিলো!

  11. Just watched the marvelous film ,dutta vrs dutta ,and fully amazed ,spellbound ,i was totally voiceless for some time ,in the starting the film was so burning sensation ,so terrible in verious effects ,that i could not digest it normally ,after sometime the actual essence ,flavour ,the bindings of relations r coming out ,i was gradually addicted to the film ,a fantastic film by u Mr dutta ,everybody acted in a very high level of acting ,u ,rita ,biswajit ,her wife ,srijit ,n perticularly dipankar babu ,and everybody ,what a superb acting ,i never saw such type of compound acting ,and the song ,eng song ,beng song too ,fantastic ,though u r a renown singer ,so the songs were fine ,at last i would say ,most of the people could not be able to accept but the film was splendid ,there were a lot of conflicts ,misunderstandings ,enmity ,non adjustments ,but the main tune was the unity ,co operations to each other ,fellings ,over all to stay in one ,it wins ,no thanks is fit for u ,take my respect and love mr anjon dutta ,long live ,n make more films like this

  12. Ajkal paglu pagli aisob hit hoy tyi ai cinema flop

  13. অঞ্জনের অভিনয় অলওয়েজ বেষ্ট <3

  14. One of the best movie i have ever seen in ages ❤ loved it

  15. Amar ei 19 bochhorer jibone anek silpo soytar sathe amar porichoy hoe6e, ami ek jon film scooler student.. aj bangla cinema ke notun kore abishkar kore6i. Anjaner gaan sunte sunte anjaner proti valo laga ese gechhilo. Aj onake valobese fellam, janina baglar sadharon manus cinema katota bojhe. Tobe aj ahonkar hochchhe ei vebe j Amader Industry maturity peye6e. satyajit, ritwik ghatok, mrinal er por cinema jeno kothay harie gechiloaj abar dhonyo ei vebe j Amader Banglay Anjan, Srijit, goutam, kousik er mato manus a6en jara sotti karer cinema bojhen.
    Cinemetay jeno khanikta amar jiboner sad pelam.
    special thanks #anjan#srijit#dipankar
    & #saregamabengali

  16. এর থেকে সুন্দর কিছু আমি এ জীবনে দেখনি,জার্মান মুভি লা ভিটা বিল্লা থেকে গভীর – অঞ্জন দত্ত দি মাস্টার অফ আর্ট

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