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Watch Bengali Movie “ETI” Directed by “Sambit Nag”…

The story of the film is based on a well known true story. It’s a tragic love-story of a young couple. They were engaged in love-making and unfortunately they recorded the act in a video-cam. And they were so naïve that they requested a video parlour to transfer it in to CD, so that they could watch it in their personal computer in their leisure time. But the dishonest parlour guy could not keep the personal act of the young couple secret. He marketed it as a pornographic CD and it was circulated as MMS and internet chip within a very short time and ultimately this made the life of the couple hell. Director Sambit Nag took the story and developed nicely for this film “Eti”. “Eti” means end… end of a life…end of relationships…end of keeping faith & belief on others…end of civilization. Four boys & three girls decided to go to Darjeeling on the summer vacation of their college. Fun loving honest seven young friends didn’t know at all what lied in their future. Sanjay (Gaurab Chatterjee) got a brand new handy cam as a gift from his elder brother. He was in love with Shreya(Roopali Ganguly). Sanjay took the handy cam along with him in that four. The seven characters and their surroundings were neatly developed before they leave for Darjeeling. The recording of the love-act between Sanjay and Shreya and giving the cassette for making the CD is the same as it happened in the reality. But after this, the post- reaction of their close relatives & people are very hastily done. The reasons are not known. The reaction of Shreya’s brother & brother-in-law comes in and goes out within a very short time. The elder brother of Sanjay only slaps him and that is the end of the reaction. So, the tragedy of Shreya and Sanjay never reaches the height what was expected. The film never criticizes the society; it never explores the reason of such a tragedy which are not at all wanted. Probably the director never wanted himself to underline any criticism or reason what so ever. It is at a time both good and bad for the film. The camera work is very poor. At times it appears as a tele-film. The songs & dance are equally poor. But the acting of Gourab is superb. He shows he is enough to handle any such critical role in Bengali films. The others who attracts us by their presence are Bhaswar Chatterjee (Dipu) and Swaralipi Chatterjee (Ananya). Apart from all these minor problems, this film is a representation of the young generation & their love. Sambit Nag should be appreciated for this try. This film is released in a digital format. It Seems that Calcutta theatres and its projection system is not at all ready for this modern format till date.

Label :: Saregama India Ltd

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