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Maach Mishti & More | Bengali Full Movie

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“Maach Mishti & More Full Movie”

A dramatic comedy about today’s generation of Bengali’s, exploring the entire spectrum of the differences, and the developments that have changed, perplexed and evolved everyone from the youth to retired. Through the story of the loves and lives of three brothers from a middle class Bengali Family, the film explores the Kolkata of today, a cosmopolitan city of dreams, nuances, hilarious confusion, passion and honesty. In this film, some find love, some discover themselves and some re-evaluate their own purpose in life, all through a roller coaster ride that will make you laugh, cry, relate and strongly identify.


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  1. i believe that Bollywood is somewhere far behind from Tollywood,this films are the evidence..lovely songs lovely film..loved it

  2. i believe that Bollywood is somewhere far behind from Tollywood,this films are the evidence..lovely songs lovely film..loved it

  3. I can't find my love. I can't find me also.

  4. its just a fabulous movie… great act from soumitra …. param…. lovely songs.. lovely screen play… amazed

  5. woooowwwwwwwww… it………খুব ভালো কাজ হয়েছে….

  6. really it..inspiration for me..#advice_fell_it_follow _u_r_heart

  7. l love the lyric of the song " nijeke bhalobaso tumi ebar"…

  8. বাংলা ছবিতে এত ইংরেজি কথা বলার কি দরকার । বাংলা ছবি না বানিয়ে ইংরেজি ছবি বানালেই পারত ** মালাকা পরিচালক

  9. How many non Bengali guys likes a Bengali girl as a girlfriend or as a wife?…
    As a Bengali girl, I feel…let it go!!..I'm happy with my Rajashthani soul mate!!❤💏

  10. এতো মিষ্টি একটা ছবি ,,,,,উফ সত্যি,,,,বিশেষ করে Neha Panda is soooo good…..thank u @saregama for making this available ❤

  11. niceeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.

  12. Make movies that gonna tickle intellectuality of the viewer.

  13. Thanks moinak da giveing this awesome movie.
    সত্যি জীবনে শুধু মাছ ভাত বা মিষ্টি দই দিয়ে কাটানো যায় না। আরও কিছু চাই something more.

  14. overacting and nyakami spoils the mood…

  15. I am maharashtrian but after watching saheb bibi golam movie, i m big fan of bengali movie. English subtitles are helps to understand the language.

  16. i don't understand why some people have dislike this movie

  17. Vlo hoto aro jodi bangla sonlap jodi ektu bsi hoto…

  18. Most beautiful song is the TUMI EBAR… and mostly liked the video because it showed almost busiest places of Kolkata. Remind me the memorable days of my collage days…

  19. Khub valo movie ta..Golpo ta sotti korei valo..

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