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Mahulbanir Sereng | Bengali Full Movie

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The story of Mahulbanir Sereng is a narrative revolving around the triangular love story of Aghore (Pijush Ganguly), with his wife Saheli (Chandrayee Ghosh) and Dr. Alaktak Roy (Shilajeet Majumdar). Aghore is a police constable who works in a different place so he often stays out of hometown, in the mean time his wife Saheli gets closer with the new young doctor of their village. When Aghore came back, he get the news the Saheli is pregnant, he becomes very happy. But the all of villageman claims that the baby is the doctor’s and not of Aghore’s. Though Aghore tries to argue in favour of his wife and doctor but the village head calls ‘Gira’ by gram Panchayet (Judgement by 10 village heads). On the day of ‘Gira’ Saheli commits suicide and the narrator Damayanti (Rupa Ganguly) helps the doctor to run away. Another parallel story of Damayanti and Somesh Gomes (Sabyasachi Chakrobarty) goes side by side. Somesh is a social worker, the love interest of Damayanti who is the B.D.O. of that tribal area. Twelve years after this incident Damayanti comes back to the village of ‘Mahulbani’ and finds that besides many changes the beauty and simplicity of nature still exists.

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  1. Dirgha jibana paath…who sang this song … very well sang ..could this be uploaded?

  2. Nice movie . I have a request to Saregama Bengali , can u please uploading this movie song DIDI LO DIDI , I love this movie and so much love this song, so please upload .

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