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Mon Mane Na | Bengali Full Movie

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Shantu and Shikha goes for a picnic with their friends. Both pull each other legs. In the mean time, Sahntunu’s father Barrister Bhabotosh Bose ordered him to take Law as his main subject after he completes B.Com. Shikha and her maternal uncles, each have different prespective on their life, the elder one likes to act in plays, the middle one was fond of songs and the last one was a karate master. But one thing was common between all of them, they loved Skhikha a lot. On one such day Santunu and Shikha were comming to the collage for their exam, but in accident Shikha was late and could not sit for the examination. Shikha was crying aside and when Shantunu came she said about herself that she is a orphan child and grown up in the hands of her maternal uncles and if she could not give her examination she will not be able to stand infront of her uncles. Shantunu felt very sorry for her and played a trick to solve the problem. Evnetually both Shikha and Shantunu fall in love with each other. One day Shantunu introduced Shikha with his mother, she liked the girl. But when his father saw them in the road he got very angry and asked his wife Protima to learn the girl’s background. In the mean time Shikha was having a conversation with her Mejomama while she remembered her past that how one day her maternal uncles come after Shikha’s father’s death. In the mean time Shikha had an argument with Shauntunu about Shantunu’s birthday, on the other hand big confusion was created and Shikha’s elder maternal uncle got hammered by Shantunu. Shikha’s birthday was near by and Shantunu wanted to come to her house for the birthday celebration, but Shikha asked him to meet her in the park the next day. After some days Shautunu’s father decided to meet Shikha’s maternal uncles to talk about his son’s marriage. When he arrived to their house Shikha’s uncles introduced themselves accroding to their passions; he was very disappointed . Now Shauntunu decided to play a trick to readjust every thing again. This time Shantunu individually tried to impress Shikha’s uncles and he succeded. This time Shikha’s uncles tried to give Shikha’s marriage to the person whom they liked, but they did not know that it was Shantunu in every step. Later when they came to know about Shantunu, they got very angry. Shikha was again hurt by that. Fimally they could realise that what they are doing is hurting Shikha and eventually decided to tie the knot with Shantunu. At the end Shantunu’s father also agreed and both Shantunu and Shikha were married to each other with a happy ending.

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