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Bablu 12 years old of barrister saradindu sanyal is kidnapped by aging of four crooks. While making their getaway the crooks car meet with an accident. Two of the crooks are killed. The other two- Shyamlal and Raghu –run away leaving an unconscious bablu behibd.Bablu recover next morning and find he has lost his memory.Harun,a juggler,takes sympathy to the helpless boy (who now calls himself Phatikchand ), and find him a job in a tea stall is Bentinck street,Harun himself live in a slum in Entally and performs on Sunday in the maidan.

The crooks Shyamlal and Raghu who are back in Calcutta turn up in Bablu’s tea shop and realize that their prey is once within their reach.

Meanwhile, Bablu’s father mr Sanyal decides to put an advertisement in the papers offerin a reward of Rs 5000/- for information about his son.
Sunday while harun performs in the maidan with bablu serving as assistant. Shyamlal and Raghu turn up.Harun overpowers then and run away with bablu in taxi.

In the taxi, bablu’s memory come back. He tells harun about it. Harun takes the boy back to his father next morning unware that the advertisement offering the reward has come out that very morning.
Learning the bablu has been workinh in a tea shopSanyal file into a large Instead of giving harun the money he reprimand him. Harun goes away.
Later sanyal has qualms for having deprived harunof his dues. He gives bablu the cheque and ask him to take it to harun. Bablu rushes to harun’s place.ony to find that he has gone to the howrah station to catch the train to madras where he hopes to join a circus.
Bablu manages to catch harun in the stationat the last moment but harun refuses to take the money. “How can I take money for handling over someone who has beenlike my own brother?” The gaurds blow his whistle. I”ll be back!” shouts harun, waving from the tarin.”Wait for the Great Diamond Circus!”

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  1. সত্যজিত, চিরকাল ই অসাধারণ, সত্যজিত, জানতেন কোন চরিত্রে কাকে দিয়ে কাজ করানো যায়

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  3. salute satyajit ray for such a well done tusks, ,,,,,,

  4. Parichalona Ar Director Alada Naki Noile son parichalonay Ar BABA Director !

  5. Once again the simple storytelling genius of Satyajit Da is evident through this remarkable portrayal of human bonding & emotions. Phatikchand is one of these many jewels to have come out of Satyajit Da's repertoire. Can't thank you enough, Saregama Bengali ! You have kept this tradition of showing beautiful content alive !

  6. Where can I find the subtitles? Please provide me with links to download subtitles +Saregama Bengali

  7. What a creation by Sri Satyajit Ray… I read the story which was more heart touching… reel version is also touching…specially Kamu Mukherjee's acting… but in title/credit card there is shown পরিচালনা সন্দীপ রায় and Direction Satyajit Ray!! How could this type of mistake overlooked ??

  8. Awesome………movie……..I like it…..

  9. The last scene is heart touching excellent movie

  10. সত্যজিত রায় তাঁর ভাবনার অসাধারণ দিক গুলোই যেন সামনে এনেছেন । ছবিতে মানবিক দিকগুলো অসাধারণ ।

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