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Swayansiddha | স্বয়ংসিদ্ধা | Bengali Movie | Ranjit Mallick, Mithu Mukherjee

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Watch free online Bengali full movie Swayansiddha : স্বয়ংসিদ্ধা বাংলা ছবি on YouTube.

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Movie: Swayansiddha
Language: Bengali
Genre: Drama, Comedy, Romance
Producer: Jung Bahadur Rana
Director: Sushil Mukherjee
Music Director: Nachiketa Ghosh
Lyricist: Shyamal Gupta
Playback: Asha Bhosle, Sandhya Mukhopadhyay, Manna Dey.
Release: 1975
Star cast: Mithu Mukherjee, Ranjit Mallick, Utpal Dutt, Satya Banerjee, Kali Banerjee, Bhanu Bandyopadhyay, Abhijit Sen, Chinmoy Roy, Gurudas Banerjee, Nani Ganguly, Asit Sen, Sova Sen Chhaya Devi, Gita Dey, & Others.

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Chandi is a village girl. She is bold, brave and extremely courageous. She is the protector of the underdog and punishes the wrong doers of the society in her own way. The zamindar of the estate witnesses Chandi at her act of justice and decides to marry her to his younger son. However his wife opposes as Chandi hails from a not so rich household and proposes her marriage to the elder son Gobindo, a mentally challenged man and the son of Zamindar’s late first wife. Chandi only comes to know this blatant truth on the day of her marriage however accepts her fate. As she starts living in the royal household she realizes that Gobindo is not retarded by birth. It is the wife of the Zamindar who had given him medication from his childhood to ensure that he does not become fit enough to take the royal responsibility from his father and it passes to her son Nibarun. Nibarun is a drunkard and treated his elder brother like trash and never hesitated to even beat him up. Bit by bit Chandi takes complete responsibility of Gobindo. She teaches him how to speak, read and write. Gobindo shows signs of improvement and very soon he starts behaving as any normal human being. Nibarun is alarmed as this would mean that the property would go out of his hand and in sheer anger canes Gobindo. Chandi witnesses this violence and canes Nibarun in return. The Zamindar is shocked when he is made to face the reality by Chandi. He falls ill and very soon passes away. Nibarun hatches a plot to kill Gobindo but is rescued by Chandi. Both Nibarun and his mother realize their mistake. They are united.

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  1. I am biggest fan of Mithu Mukherjee.she is awesome actress and beautiful. love you

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  4. Mithu Mukharjee is a very beautiful…..

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