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Chinthamani Telugu Full Movie with English Subtitles | NTR, Bhanumathi Ramakrishna |Aditya Movies

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Watch & Enjoy Chinthamani Telugu Full HD Movie with English Subtitles starring Nandamuri Taraka Rama Rao, Bhanumathi Ramakrishna

Film Name : Chinthamani
Producers : Bhanumathi Ramakrishna, P.S.Ramakrishna Rao
Director : P.S.Ramakrishna Rao
Music Directors : Rama Rao Adepalli
Actor : Nandamuri Taraka Rama Rao
Actress: Bhanumathi Ramakrishna

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  1. very great social movie.gives great message.it reflects the socio econamic conditions of the early century

  2. Each minute of the movie is a lesson should be learn by each one of us , The legends of .RamaKrihna, Bhunumati, NTR, SVR we are very very fortunate to born this era ,

  3. Can any one help with my doubt when did Ms Bhanumati got Padmasri before NTR/ANR got ?

  4. VRK Mudiraj
    It's a great movie(chintamani)

  5. Realistic movie according to morals of today',s society

  6. Many morals in one story.
    Caste is no bar for devotion and blessings of Lord.
    Bad company ruins the life.
    control of senses is very important.  Otherwise one will be the prey for them however intelligent he/she is!
    Great all time movie!

  7. One of the great movie reflects on morals of the society shows path for realization from bad to good

  8. One of the wonderful movies of ever time shows highest moral values and also teaches any body can attain salvation if their faith and devotion are pure even though their professions are mean
    Neelakanta reddy

  9. thanks for sharing such a rare master piece which teaches wisdom 😀

  10. This artistic inspiring movie is inspired by one of the best Telugu dramas.

  11. Dear viewers this great film teaches social values as well as spiritual values in this picture men last wealth but in reality many female actress lost their wealth and health it is a lesson to both male and female one should be for one only should be careful to lust all time great move

  12. Further the move upheld marriage system of ours and degraded the other system In fact it is a all time great film

  13. Lord Krishna…explains  his consort ….love devotion…and penance…pure heart…hai hai i get goosebumps….heart wrenching me to tears………..

  14. Manchi snehitula sahavaasam dharma maargaana nadipinchi paramaatma paadaala chentaku ninu cherchagaladu
    Chedu snehitula saannihityam adhopaataalaniki kuda trokkiveyagaladu
    O manishi! tasmaat jaagrattha. Etuvaipuki nee prayaanamo nirnayinchedi vaaro veero kaadu… kevalam nuvve!

  15. every young man must watch haaave watch this

  16. bilvamamgala thakur ji…..shows real desire in human life……

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