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Destined to be Ingested | Full Movie English 2015 | Horror

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Kings of Horror presents: Destined to be Ingested

Anna and Tom were a down and out couple — until one day their fortunes changed. One lucky lottery ticket later they found themselves living the good life, cruising the South Pacific with their fancy new friends, enjoying the essential three C’s of luxury living: Champagne, Caviar and Cocaine. But when the group of yuppies lose their way and are marooned on a mysterious jungle island, their charmed lives suddenly become a string of gruesome deaths by the island’s inhabitants: a tribe of savage cannibals.

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  1. stranded on an island and she still has make up on LOL sigh, so lame,,, outta here

  2. I gotta say the sound and picture quality are perfect. So to hell with the acting and all the other bs.

  3. This was sooooo bad that I could not watch it for long.. Cheap made, bad acting and just rubbish really..


  5. Is this some high school project? Surely this can't be a ''real'' movie, it's a joke …lol

  6. – so, the blond digs fat guys and the other guy drinks 'cause his wife's ugly?

  7. love Horror… Especially in October

  8. Very strange movie so she becomes the native girlfriend ?

  9. She sure got over the husband quickly thanks for sharing

  10. Amenae hats fags!!! No go ye and repent at the alter made of a rowboat and Megaladon teeth.


  12. There was something missing in the end… like a plot!

  13. me gusta YouTube pack de bajar películas quiero más películas de estreno

  14. Fat shamed, chubby chasing, money grubbing, she put the U in ugly non-acting slut.

  15. Liked, thank you for sharing. The sound and picture quality are perfect and the acting was not bad. The casting was good showing a comparison of the absurdity of mankind in his many forms: the obese, drug using, drinking, gambling valueless modern society rejects or the superstitious cannibals, worshiping a boat and sharks teeth, conjuring spirits of the dead, while adding a little modern day humour and zombies thrown in the mix so someone, somewhere might actually watch this someday. lol

  16. Why are all the new so called horror films so shitty?

  17. Once again another good movie from the kings the best

  18. Baaahahahaaa… just read a review of this movie (known also as "Holocaust Holocaust" for some bizarre reason) on IMDB where someone said that the actress playing Anna did an awesome job because she had to show a range of emotions and she did it effectively. 😀 😀 😀
    I don't know what movie he was watching, but the only emotions I saw on her face were (1) petulant, (2) bored, and (3) sullen, sometimes all at the same time (which I guess is a skill..?) 😀 LOL
    To me this felt like three movies stuck together which had very little in common… a cannibal island movie, a love story (as much as Anna Sourface could actually be seen to love anyone), and a zombie movie for the last 5 minutes. So while it wasn't the most thrilling movie I've ever seen, it didn't want to make me jam a fork in my eye with boredom or anything.

  19. Ok, I am going to watch a documentary about Hitler. Thanks anyway.

  20. it was good until they turned into zombies.

  21. the girl with dark hair..her acting is so depressing..i wanna punch her

  22. i wanna some movies like this by loving a girl or protecting her by a human or a monster or by any kind of the oneplease if you have just send with mentioning me pleaaase

  23. two men 1 called Macho (as if) i have thrown better men out of my bed!! coke sniffing, knob munching by 1 wifey who cant act for toffee, it goes from bad to worse when i sat through 24.32 mins when you hear a lame shouting shark, seriously this ain't horror ? i have been more frightened of the Doctor who and his fucking Daleks. if you want a mild porn movie then please watch but after my 24 mins i saw the shark! hell i have seen a bigger puffer fish in Brighton Aquarium. my last point on this (whatever you call it) I have ingested bigger cock than what she does to Macho.

  24. So? You're telling me that, that boat, has the fuel capacity to bring these people all over the ocean? I doubt the entire story.

  25. STELLAR MOVIE after you get through the first 30 minutes!!! LOVE IT!!!

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