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Drive-in Horrorshow | Full Movie English 2015 | Horror

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Kings of Horror presents: Drive-In Horrorshow

Do you like blood and gore? Are you into cutting and slashing? Is cannibalism more your speed? Or maybe monsters and evil children get you going? Whatever your ghoulish pleasure, we have a tale for you. Five tales of terror to quench your thirst for horror. In the tradition of Creepshow and Tales from the Crypt, DRIVE-IN HORRORSHOW features five terrifying tales of horror. Starring Jenna Morasca (Playboy model, winner “Survivor – Amazon”),Ethan Zohn (Winner “Survivor – Africa”), and featuring FX by Rob Fitz, Nick Flanagan and Jeff O’Brien (SHUTTLE, GOD OF VAMPIRES)!

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  1. This is the dumbest movie ever. Can you please make a movie without all the vulgar language and stupidity?

  2. I applaud you for making me nauseous. I love movies like these. The more blood the better….

  3. I prefer the Amicus/Hammer anthologies unlike most on this site. So blood and gore I can do without. Do you have any like those classic Brit films Kings of Horror?

  4. the theme song at the end is perfect very wicked

  5. This really made my day. Will you be uploaded more? I guess if they made another.

  6. This is a decent film! Obviously done on a budget, but it has an excellent, Creepshow vibe. I loved the idea of a haunted, abandoned Drive-In movie that shows scary movies! I hope you make more films!

  7. Good👍👍👍👍👍. So glad you put the cast in order of scenario

  8. This is an insanely cool movie!!!!!!

  9. put a little more money and time into this and you will have a major hit

  10. thanks very much kings of horror the film was groovey

  11. this is cringe worthy almost couldn't watch this but so far so good thanks for the upload kings of Horror

  12. Sorry, but the acting in "The Watcher" was just absolutely atrocious. None of these people are professionals but the characters in the other shorts felt that they were at least trying. It also felt like they ran out of budget, they couldn't even show her hitting "the bear", or him actually pulling her out of the truck.

  13. What a rip of Tales From The Darkside, lol.

  14. very good movie I really enjoyed it

  15. Rally like this! Where is 2? Need 2!

  16. anybody catch the name of the frat house in the first story..Delta.Omega.Alpha….D.O.A……Dead On Arrival… nice little touch.

  17. Story #1 "🐖" What type of glue did she use??
    Story 2: I felt bad for Jaimee.
    Story 3: 😝 Yuck, yo!
    Story 4: They had 2 much time on their hands! Smart boys, though.

  18. some films wont stay dead eh i certainly hope not

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