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Feeding Grounds | Full Movie English 2015 | Horror

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Kings of Horror presents: Feeding Grounds

Four guys and four girls meet for a weekend getaway. New friends are made and old flames rekindled. En route to a fantasy weekend at a desert cabin, a glitch in plans forces them to pull over. They pass the time by getting the party started amid the gorgeous scenery until a grisly discovery sets them off running… They soon find themselves stuck, like the abandoned cars that litter the side of the road. Nightfall creeps closer and they’re pushed to the limit as one disaster follows another. Will they be able to survive this night and see the dawn?

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  1. 15 min 50 is the best I could do on this stupid movie

  2. Can someone tell whats going on to this movie? I'm confuse after that two bitch had there sex they fight and puke???!!!

  3. that girl is sexy …😂😂😂 shut up im bi


  5. that's funny the crazy movies can't be like that

  6. Omg this was a stupid movie. it's the same thing over and over.

  7. nice movie but l don't get it it has nothing to do with the sad

  8. Smarmy, smart-@ss females with crappy attitudes – played by no talent actresses who are better on a producer's "acting couch" – not good. Script that lags, needing lesbians to add spice to a tasteless & drab release that should have been shelved. Story-line is dull, characters are without redeeming personalities, and this movie gives evidence to "Kings of Horror" being like a Sargasso sea (Sea of Dead Ships) – because derelict trash collects around them, their productions flotsam, floating debris. Do not waste your time – on land or off, desert or ocean – watch real horror. Skip this film.

  9. SPOILERS AHEAD: This started out being the type of movie I enjoy–no redeeming qualities in any of the characters, all are incredibly stupid, and I cheer when each one is killed. But no big reveal at the end…monster is never shown, reason for the killings and mystery illness are never explained. It's as though they ran out of ideas, so just stopped the movie. Still, I watched the whole thing, and it was a nice, free entertainment for a couple of hours. Thanks for posting.

  10. Don't wast your 1 hour & 21 minute to watch this movie…

  11. this reminds me of cabin fever kinda

  12. For goodness sake, finally, listen to the Asian Sheila, please !!!!!!

  13. It was a good movie – silly ending – no biggie – thank you, Kings of Horror xoxox

  14. This is a bad movie purely based on the acting. I know plenty of people who would act for free that are better than these guys. And the dialogue is atrocious as well. I can get over the low budget and cheesy effects, but if you have awful acting un-ironically then it's just bad to me.

  15. What about''America Gothic'' it use to be on you tube' Thanks so much for sharing'

  16. what a load of shite ya cannot call it a movie

  17. why do these guys stop at a desert when it is so hot? normal travelers do not stop to enjoy the view.

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  19. cud have been better F deyve churned diz freaking movie into porn flick,…girls were hot,deyr fit 2 F*ck!

  20. This kind of movie should at least show us what attacks people.

  21. biggest heep of pish if every watched

  22. Jesus fuckin Christ, what happened to horror movies actually having HORROR??????

  23. asshole citizenship of america gay life

  24. thanks.. I liked it and the way they treated the monsters.. even the ending worked for me… I was looking for a movie just like this,, no need for thinking creature feature.. glad I didn't pay attention to many of the comments but I wouldn't watch it again..

  25. Another low budget wonder!  Not bad guys. Held my interest, for the most part plus youi made a Horror movie without ever showing the monster. Rarely done. At least not this well.  Decent acting too. DRd. (Frieda Herbe). Now!

  26. Wow! i waste my 10 second watching thos movie. worst acting ever… succesfully wasted data to upload

  27. The story line could have been better developed, but I've seen real bad Hollywood movies.
    Give it a chance.

  28. What is the name of the ending song and where in the world can I find it?

  29. We never see the monster or bad guy. I've written better screenplays.

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