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Filth to Ashes Flesh to Dust | Full Movie English 2015 | Horror Movie

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The way out is so close, yet so far.. Driving home from a road trip, Eric and Shelly take a back road to avoid a traffic jam when they encounter the serial killer Purge. Eric survives but Shelly is murdered. A year later, A group of adventure-seeking high school grads venture to Purge’s lair. Amongst them is Eric’s brother Juan. Eric sets out to save his brother and get revenge on Purge. For the six teens, their imperfections will be the deciding factor if Purge shows them mercy. But if everyone is imperfect, will any of them survive?

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  1. Just began watching it because of messed day.

  2. bootlegged Knockoff low budget horror film…👎

  3. Hahahahaha!! what a Horrorrrrrrrr!!!! looks like a high school project!

  4. king of horror yes i see king or stupid

  5. wen the killer cut that guys head off he had straight hair but wen they showed the head it was curly hair and no blood sooo fake srry koh

  6. irritating… everyone was waiting 4 that guy….talking…..story telling

  7. you keep up the hard work stay make horror movies forget the haters real talk

  8. The ending killed the film even more! oh well.

  9. another mother fucker I'd enjoy beating to death…

  10. nice movie
    thanks kings of horror

  11. I did not like this movie at all it was very boring

  12. stupid acting.many people couldnt kill one man even girl had a gun.N N movie.

  13. and one more to thank the kings for…i adore the genre

  14. I don't know how u can just kill someone I mean the other day I was getting something out the of the fridge and I dropped something and landed on my mums foot I felt horrible I hugged and said I love her and asked if she was okay …this way I could never kill someone 😂😂😂😂😂

  15. Fucking dick he was supposed to purposed to her 😔😔

  16. My friends and I would be doing something like this haha going to a freaky place 😂😂😂😂😂

  17. I'm I the only one when that girl said its Brittany….bitch I thought of Brittany spears 😂😂😂

  18. I like this😈😖😂😠😂😨😐😐😐😐

  19. ah ive heard about rhis one isnt the alternate name: filth ashes retards?

  20. This movie defies logic , they have a gun don't shoot have a pipe don't hit the guy :-/

  21. wtf did i just watch..??booorrriiinnnnnggggg..

  22. filth to ashes usa to dust hahaha

  23. 40:52 "Its Brittney bitch" I see what you did there.

  24. A shotgun isn't a bat use it to shoot the damn fucker

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