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Flesh, TX | Full Movie English 2015 | Horror

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Kings of Horror presents: Flesh, TX

In the middle of nowhere lives a crazed and disturbed inbred family, the Barleys. When Donna Parker (Eleni Krimitsos) and her daughter Tabitha Parker (Jada Kline) stop for gas, little do they know what really goes on in Flesh, TX. Once Tabitha disappears from the gas station, Donna summons the help of the local sheriff (Dale Denton) who is not all he’s cracked up to be. Donna becomes convinced that somehow this crazy town is connected. After she encounters Sugar Barley (Kathleen Benner) the local town prostitute, the hunt to find her daughter is on. She must hope she does not come across the Barley house on the edge of town. No human should ever have to see what happens in the Barley House in Flesh, TX… Population 666.

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  1. man i sho do love me some B movie slasher flix. lawd how i wish this had been one. i seen tree fiddy budget college movies better than this contrived tripe.

  2. OMG! megan fox but hotter!!! i wanna rent space between her thighs till my cock sneezes

  3. LOL Los Angeles county sheriff ………In texas……

  4. Some real sick twisted people in this world.

  5. dont show this to the moremen and morewomen though.

  6. I think this is from around 2008 or 2009? …I remember renting it & wondered why people still give Ed Wood shit! lol ..sad thing is in wv I've went home with some hot girls like this then see there families are just like this! Lmao


  8. I ride and i never seen another harley rider ask for a st.pauly girl beer it's bud or hard booze

  9. I've seen some dysfunctional familys before but these guys are f##ck up! Gotta love the mullet wig doesn't exactly look like real hair

  10. when I was born the doctor looked at me and then turn me over and said awe Twin's.LMFAO

  11. chicks in the movie NOT! to bad very poor acting tho…LOL

  12. well I hate Mormons to been wanting to do that for years taking notes now I don't feel so bad about my family

  13. is this when I say Yep the only reason my sister ain't pregnant causen she runs fastern me yeeHaa

  14. The movie weird in a little funny crazy scary😡😡😡wtf they eAt people while😱😱😱😱😨😨😨😨😨

  15. omg,, wtf, a screwed up movie, so since when does a LosAngeles sheriff work out of texas, HAHA, they screwed up, Hey Kings of Horror, U screwed up, thats so funny, You guys must be amateur laugh, sure does look like it

  16. Don't mess with TEXAS ! ! ! If Suga don't get ch, then Leather Face will with his trusty chainsaw.

  17. Sugar is obviously based on Baby in house of 1000 copses/devil's rejects, roping in guys with her charm, right down to the cowboy boots/jean shorts and tank-top outfit . The sheriff reminded me of Sheriff Hoyt in Texas chainsaw massacre also.
    Movie was ok, but could've done with a bit more blood/gore and violence.

  18. The first 20 minutes is so funny, the fam just creeping him out and not allowing him to leave up until WHACK

    "Whats for dinner? Smells great" XD

  19. With a name like Woody I thought for sure he was going to eat the little girl

  20. Very Good Movie, nice combination bloody an Lusty, like this,


  22. so the Sheriff doesn't get his in the end?

  23. got to 5 mins before writing this. Prob flic thru the rest. Because it starts with the sexy chick in shorts wearing a halter top. Then at 02.23 she is wearing a normal tee shirt. Then after the credits she blows her kiss wearing the halter again. If this is happening in the first two minutes then the rest aint going to be worth my time.

  24. the fuck is that 😀
    reminds me of resident evil 7

  25. Having seen House of a Thousand Corpses and The Devil's Rejects, this is a blunted movie. However, the cast does their job and the plot is simple. Lots of swearing, so beware of that, but 4/10.

  26. brunette can have my life for 1 piece of her sweet ass

  27. This family is putting the fun in dysfunctional 😂😅🐖

  28. That first part of the movie when those jehovah witnesses came to the door made me laugh hysterically the way they were talking…I was like they about to die lmao

  29. eating brutal bloods & shoes taken by villager. very few funny.

  30. Movie was made in 2009 haha not 2015

  31. do you call this nonsense a horror movie ?

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