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Ganesha | HD 1080p | With English Subtitles

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The elephant-head God, Ganesh, is one of the most revered and colourful of the Indian deities, and his story is also one of the most entertaining one. This animated feature brings to life the adventurous story of his birth and his confrontation with Lord Shiva, thus leading, to him receiving his elephant head.
 This film also weaves highly entertaining, little-known, episodes from his life, culled from various folklore, making for a unique and fluid introduction to Lord Ganesh, for the young and the young-at-heart alike.


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  1. ganesha  in pen movies is   a   very   goood   moovie   in the world  jai sri ganesh  jai  sri  vakratuda

  2. Why would Ganesha and Murugan wear Vishnu Tilak? They should have 3 line of Vibhuthi and Ganesha should have Trishul Tilak and Murugan should have a dot of Tilak.

  3. Ganesha is powerful God in the world I thaught that Ganesha is my best friend

  4. Now we just need some good video games set in Hinduism.
    Theres an old PS2 game called SMT Nocturne which plays kinda like Pokemon with many Deities in it from all over, Hinduism included. Great game but no Hindu plot lines. You could make some really awesome action game play with some of Hindu stories. Or a game like Super robot taisen but with Hindu characters and plot lines. I'd buy it.

  5. Moral of the story – Demons go down better with a drink. =P

  6. if you are using a laptop or computer press c for phones tap the three dots you will see the subtitles when you look at the bottom


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