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Ghatotkach | HD 1080p | With English Subtitles

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The fierce, strong and colourful son of Bheem and Hidimba, from Mahabharat, Ghatotkach and his antics make for an engrossing story, brought to life in an engaging 100 minute version in this animated film.

The film traces the story of Ghatotkach from his birth and his various childhood adventures, to his growing up into a courageous warrior, who plays a brave but tragic part in the great Mahabharat war. The story of Ghatotkach brought to life in this entertaining animated version, incorporates all the classic elements of fantasy, adventure and humour, and is sure to appeal to kids from all over.


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  1. ghatotkach        is  avery  good  boy  . but when   he  dies   and her mother  cries i feel very  sad  his mother   is  hidimba   but not abad   demoess    his  mother  cried   badly

  2. Good job PEN Movies….! This is one way how kids can be taught the great Hindu mythology..

  3. ghatotkach    very    good    becase    he    not    tersers    to    the    animals

  4. Hi Pen Movies it would be very helpful if you could include subtitles. English. Please for your international viewers. 
    Thank you

  5. Please include English subtitles for international visitors. Thanks

  6. His face is like a pot and dark complexion………why is he white!??? Please stop brain washing yourselves like americans zionists.

  7. Say with English subtitles..? :-/:@:@:@

  8. make more like these movies please

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