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How to speak English Fluently? (5 Easy Tips in Hindi)

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5 Quick Tips to improve English Speaking by yourself to help you in speaking English Fluently and Confidently. These easy tips will help you to prepare and practice fluency in English speaking. Many of my viewers used to question me if I can make a video on how to speak english fluently and confidently in hindi? So we decided to upload this part of our full video on english speaking skills in hindi.

This video will guide you with 5 easy tips in hindi on fluent english speaking. First tip of our video on how to practice english speaking alone is to do Self Talk. There are so many events in a day where in you talk to yourself, so you should train your brain on how to think in english so that you create english self talk. In situations like waking up, brushing teeth, driving, fiddling on mobile phone etc., you can change your self talk from hindi to english. Second tip of this hindi video on how to speak english fluently and confidently tutorial is to translate hindi songs to english language. This is a funny way of learning english, as you can enjoy songs and also work on your english vocabulary, grammar, speaking etc. This will increase you confidence in english speaking. My third tip in this video on english speaking tips and tricks in hindi is to give topics to self. This will increase your knowledge and analytical skills along with your confidence in english. You can give topics on different areas like celebrities – Narendera Modi, Sachin Tendulkar, Dhirubhai Ambani, APJ Abdul Kalam, Shah Rukh Khan etc, you can give topics to yourself on issues like child labor, dowry, corruption, pollution etc. You can talk about a road, relation, city etc. Fourth tip of this fluent English speaking tips video is Continuous Speaking. This tip will not only improve your understanding of english, but will also help in increasing your presence of mind and spontaneity. Last tip of this video on how to speak english fluently and confidently in india is to ask yourself – what am I Doing?, this easy tips is simple to follow. While doing any work, all you have to do is ask yourself, what am I doing? And then start answering your question in english. This will help you increase your flow, confidence and knowledge in english.

I will keep posting such videos on english speaking and help you to become more confident and successful in Life. These tips can be helpful in your personal and professional life, in your job, in a interview, in school or college etc. These tips play a big role in making you a confident personality. I will add more videos on topic – speaking english fluently practice to help you in practicing english. Hope these video on how to think in english will help you to practice english speaking alone and without help of anyone.

Keep learning english through our tutorials, courses and videos. See you next time with more english speaking tips in Hindi.

All the Best,
Himesh Madaan
Motivational Speaker in India


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