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Kill Syndrome | Full Movie English 2015 | Horror

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Kings of Horror presents: Kill Syndrome

A depraved, inbred family of degenerate psychopaths led by the grotesque, cannibalistic “Freakshow” abduct, torture and kill innocent victims deep in the backwoods of rural Arrowood County. Always recording their crimes on video. Selling the brutal, blood-drenched “Snuff Films” to the mysterious “The Man”, possessing an insatiable hunger for their sick product. For “The Man” It’s all about quantity over quality. Five unsuspecting travelers fall prey to this twisted clan of serial predators in a gruesome, gore-dripping thriller styled in the tradition of ’70s horror classics such as “The Texas Chainsaw Massacre” and “Last House On The Left”.

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  1. انشاءاللة حلووو لانو بزعت واني ادور فلم😒😒

  2. really bad movie, i hate this movie!!!

  3. No even the real one it's just them showing the remake they did cx

  4. Home-made or not, this is one of the truly ghastly and disturbing films out there. Liked it.

  5. Low budget for sure,bad acting and lighting,editing ect. By BS hollywood standards.this movie is great. Some hard working Indi types did their best give them due props!!! I like this movie good job Mrbracey100

  6. this is just a edited Snuff Film i can't get through it all. soon as im done writing my comment im turning this DUNG off.

  7. Oh wow.. You can shock anyone with a lot of ugly hoarse screaming..

  8. why does this channel post nothing but shit low budget movies ?

  9. this movie was so disgusting i couldnt watch the whole thing

  10. Hey Ya'll that shit was crazy wtf. But whatever squirt's your pickle. Anyway thanks for the upload I guess. Later.. ~Lady L.~

  11. Not bad! I liked it! I've seen a lot worse on Netflix!

  12. sad people who flim this and the baby bit hope ypu never have children. and shame on you if you to

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