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Kill Them and Eat Them | Full Movie English 2015 | Horror

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Kings of Horror presents: Kill Them and Eat Them

Deep below the city streets, sinful Doctor Gore turns soft flesh into hideous mutant skin as the kill-crazed creatures he creates prepare for a bloody rampage! Kellin, his beautiful prisoner, is gradually succumbing to a disease that will transform her from young girl into monstrous murdering beast, while the Doctor’s assistant has plans of his own…

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  1. I can't sit through this either hahahhaha… come on people…really???

  2. four minutes into this one, Nope. Toxic viewing warning,  there must be better.

  3. lmao… oh my goodness… super cheese

  4. Lol not bad, that looks like it was fun to make. The script was humorous and interesting, the acting was pretty good (I think some of them may have been going for Oscar nominations, Lol they have my vote!) The cameras weren't high class but the camera work and sound were done well and the music rocked! This is totally a budget film but I think they did a good job… Grab some popcorn and enjoy the laugh. Thanks for the post!

  5. Can anyone recommend really hard horror movie for me please every movie I found here is just too poor

  6. mental film, well funny. I liked it. and I would buy it if I saw it on dvd or steal it

  7. Hey.. you have some spare change? lol he deserved to only have about 1:20 sec on fame.. lame LOL

  8. and dis prove that mask change u !!!

  9. This was fun, 2 scientists in an underground bunker making experiments….a bit of mst3k sprang to  mind!!!!

  10. Well….that was truly awful. But, I liked it. And, I don't know why. It was like watching GWAR and listening to Slayer all at the same time.

  11. LOL acting! 😀 That guy keeps reminding me of a great indie movie when he says street trash!

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