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Luv – Kush | HD 1080p | With English Subtitles

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Cute, naughty, learned, devoted and above all, fiercely brave and courageous, Luv Kush is the story of Lord Rama and Sita’s twin sons. Brought up in Rishi Vyasa’s ashram away from their father, they are kept unaware of their lineage by their mother, Sita. They grow up to be the pride of their mother and beloved of everyone at the ashram, until a chance meeting with Lord Ram and his Ashwamedha horse, which catapults this entire family to the brink of a fierce battle.
 How the twins finally meet their father, Lord Ram and how Sita fulfills her vow of raising Ram’s heirs to be true warriors befitting his legacy, forms the rest of the story of this engrossing and entertaining animation film.


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  1. तडथडतडतठतततततिेिैइओइऊइओउईऐइ

  2. 'Lahore" which is in Pakistani City is actually the name after Prince Lava named "Loh Pur". One can see a temple in Lahor dedicated tot he Lava even today. And local people know it.

  3. sita was fucked by valmiki and thats how luv kush were born

  4. Will ther be another movie related with this like luv kush pt 3

  5. nice movie…………..really a good one

  6. If they are such enlightened kids, they should've been nicer to "fatso."  *cough*

  7. Luv and kush are brothers and sons of Rama

  8. Correction.  Love and Kush were brought up at the Ashram of Sage Valmiki.  It is a lovely story and artwork.  With lots of blessings and best Regard.

  9. Jaya Ramayan! Luv & Kush Ki-Jai! Sita-Ram Chandra Ki-Jai…

  10. love kus didn't now that RAM is there father😮😱😱

  11. wahztarsgd the UK. 17 to the UK. Ourit

  12. awa the UK. The comments on my blog and a bit. .I CAN'T believe in you, I think the last two months

  13. so sad and sorry for Luv and Kush that they didn't know that Ram that was there father😟😞

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  15. wife is going and dad is come 😢😢😢😢

  16. i am a christian but i have to say it is a nice movie

  17. … THIS IS BULLSHIT!! 😠 … WHY weren't the guilty townspeople FOUND AND EXECUTED for having the TEMERITY to speak ill of the QUEEN?? .. it was entirely CRUEL AND UNJUST!! .. I question the omnipotence of Lord Ram on account of this discrepancy within the Ramayan … someone still has to answer for this; either valmiki or Lord Ram himself …

  18. it's not fair
    Sita should not go. Since the family is united it would have been a very happy ending
    Oh my Lord why????!!!?😢😢😭😭😭😭

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