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Mynaa | Full Tamil Movie with English Subtitles

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Mynaa (Tamil: மைனா; ‘Myna; Telugu: Prema Khaidhi’) is a 2010 Indian Tamil romantic drama film directed and written by Prabu Solomon. It stars Vidharth and Amala Paul in the lead roles. Featuring an acclaimed soundtrack by D. Imman, the film, which garnered much anticipation prior to release, released on 5 November 2010, coinciding with the Diwali festival, receiving critical acclaim and going on to win the Best Film Award at the 58th Filmfare Awards South.

The film starts with an imprisoned Suruli (Vidharth) recalling his love for Mynaa (Amala Paul) since childhood that becomes more intense as they grow. Though Mynaa’s mother assures Suruli of getting them married, she changes her mind and arranges for Mynaa to marry a man working in Dubai. Infuriated, Suruli threatens to kill her. He is arrested by the police and given a 15-day prison sentence. Mynaa’s mother arranges the marriage a day before his release and Suruli escapes from prison. As the police officer Bhaskar (Sethu) and a constable Ramaiah (Thambi Ramaiah) handcuff Suruli, Mynaa too goes along with him as they decide to get married after he is released from prison….


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  1. what the hell!!!!! awesome movie but the end is evil!!!!! i hate this

  2. last 5 minutes the main fact of life — love — hate = result ———————–

  3. Mynaa Mynaa Nenjukkulla Vambu Panaraa
    Mynaa Mynaa Enna Solla Enna Kollura

  4. one of the best movie….direction…screenplay…acting…what not ? keep going prabhu soloman……..

  5. director made a great mistake in climax of the story .The police officers could have sacrificed their life in uniting the lovers and the lovers must not die and if they die there is no meaning for the story.But other things are nice and good.

  6. I have seen many of Tamil love story ends with so much of pain.. like the one Kadal.. I was expecting happy ending guys.. it's really a heartbreaking. awesome direction.

  7. who still watching this movie in 2017 raise ur hands up🙌
    ..what a movie…ending of the movie make me cry…..there is no movie can beat this movie…hats off🙌🙌🙌

  8. OMG. What a story. i dont know tamil still I didnt miss a sec of the movie.

  9. one of the best climax in film industry..I am from Kerala but never notice a climax like this..hats off to the crew.

  10. woooowwwwwwww…..what a movie……
    different from todays bollywood bakwas movie…..

  11. Too sad for words, but an excellent movie none the less.

  12. What a strong story and music.. thank you to the entire team for such a beautiful effort! Superr like

  13. Nice movie heart touching story but sad ending

  14. It was all that stupid police officer's fault. He knew how short tempered his wife was and yet took myna home. Signs of low EQ that most men suffer from. His subordinate could have easily taken her with no family issues, considering his wife was so accepting of myna and surili who had even called her mom.
    Moral: Dear men, instead of being super logical please also consider the emotional repercussions of any step you take. Thanks.

  15. Very nice movie it's fantastic story.

  16. I was sooooooo sad when they both died😢😢😭
    But boy am I happy when those three poeple dies her brother

  17. Damn they are savages. Hitting your parents, wanting to kill her mother. Crazy AF

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