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Nuvvostanante Nenoddantana | Telugu Movie | Siddharth, Trisha | With English Subtitles

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Santosh is a playful young NRI from London, who returns to India to attend his cousin Lali wedding.There, he meets one of Lalita’s friends, Siri who came from the countryside to attend the marriage.Though they initially clash,after a series of misadventures,they fall in love.Santosh,however, is supposed to marry the spoiled daughter of his uncle’s friend.When Siri goes back home,Santosh follows her to win her over however,Siri’s over-protecting brother Krishna is less than happy.He promises Santosh to give his blessings for the wedding if Santosh manages to produce more harvest than he does.Santosh accepts the challenge and starts learning farming.However, the son of a friend of Krishna is secretly in love with Siri, and his father asks Krishna for Siri’s hand in marriage with his son.Krishna doesn’t give his consent.With brooding jealousy,the wannabe-fiancé kidnaps Siri after Santosh wins the farming challenge. Santosh chases the kidnapers and kills the wannabe-fiancé. Siri’s brother Krishna will take the blame for the murder and go to jail. The couple gets married when Krishna gets released from jail. The movie ends with rejoining of all family members.


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  1. Wonder full movie in sidharth carear and superb direction prabudeva

  2. I like the movie a lot but not in the kidnapping

  3. superb comedy  entertainer nice ……………

  4. It. Is a. Good. Movie. And. Carecters. Are. Suited

  5.  ramaiya vastavaiya same to same both … so  ramaiya vastavaiya is a remake in hindi of this movie? 

  6. Hey there's still more to the end that was left out…You didn't show where they get married

  7. Can u plzz upload 180 movie in telugu

  8. guys pls help me which song 31:05 minutes dagara one clip vastadi a english song link pampara

  9. This movie, I love you and ramaiya vastavaya are same

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