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Payback (With English Subtitles)

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Payback Full Bollywood Hindi Movie.

“Payback” the film is based on a man who decides to re-pay a good Samaritan but regrets doing so after he finds out that he is an assassin.

Mumbai-based Kunal Sahay has just broken up with his girlfriend, Ishita Sahani, who is about to re-locate to Germany, gets involved in an vehicular accident. No one is ready to assist him until an unknown male drives him to the hospital. A grateful Kunal recovers and returns to work with the Great Life Insurance Company and his room-mate, Rohit Sharma, an aspiring Bollywood actor. Kunal does meet with the unknown male, Raghu Satoskar, and gives him his address, and offers to do whatever he can for saving his life. A few days later, Raghu shows up at Kunal’s residence, bleeding from a bullet wound. Kunal takes him to a doctor, has the bullet removed, and even loans him his car – only to have it damaged. Kunal then seeks Ishita’s help and together they escort him to a nearby Police Station and fill out a statement that they had found Raghu bleeding on the sidewalk. Hoping to put this incident behind, they return to Kunal’s flat – this is where Ishita will be abducted and held by goons until and unless Kunal brings in Raghu, who is an assassin-for-hire, and has just killed Dada Bhosle. With the latter in police custody – how will Kunal ensure Ishita’s safe return?


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  1. One thing is clear aftr wtching this..Only
    good story cant make d mvie hit.If there ws emran hashmi or kunal khemu n had good songs n promotion strategy then d movie'S market n acceptance could hv changed fr sure))))

  2. Another good movie with good storyline)))))))))))))))))lloved it…,.,…,

  3. INDeed it ws also a good movie…thnx for uploading…

  4. The movies was going good up until the second half, then the subtitles went haywire

  5. Uploader needs to get shot. why the fuc upload a movie and say with subtitles and then it cuts of half way. Jackass

  6. Very good movie with an unusual story.. thank you for sharing..

  7. Thanks for uploading, I enjoyed watching it

  8. ..story with dramatic turns n twists..!!…interesting ..!!

  9. The way a civil citizen join underworld ,good story line

  10. Shame on India! Somebody met with an accident and people didn't bother to help even they stopped the car and saw him. Typical Indian problems with no good heart on creating good public service. Shame!

  11. please please please upload TAHAAN and THANKS TO MAA with eng sub, thank you

  12. again a lier there are no subs

  13. movie ka story abhi acha ho sakta tha…saala bakvaas movie…use bhi bakvaas hero 《Tiger》

  14. Nice movies…concept is superb..👌👌👍

  15. when doctor taking the bullet out why he making faces like he in pain lol.. and after surgery he should throw his gloves out and wash hands but he washing hands with gloves on LOL

  16. Filmy story lol.. Nothing interesting.. Predictable!!

  17. please upload chandni choke to China

  18. Thank you for Subtitles BUT White words on a White background are hard to see, yaar. I don't ST0-0RE at my screen! To STARE that close ruins vision.

  19. zabardast movie umer bullegi karachi

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