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Predatory Instinct | Full Movie English 2015 | Horror

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Kings of Horror presents: Predatory Instinct

Three young adults meet a charismatic stranger at closing time of the bar where they work. They accept an invitation to join a late night gathering he is attending with some friends in a secluded desert house. At first charmed by their interesting hosts, a violent encounter changes the tone of their evening, and the group begins to realize that all may not be as it seems with their new acquaintances. Faced now with a decision to either wait out the morning or plot an escape, they contend not only with the ambiguous true nature of their hosts, but also strange, unknown humanoid creatures roaming the desert who may pose a threat to all involved.

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  1. New she was trouble letting her friends die like that while she was having sex

  2. She wosh very bad women she sleeps with him and after she do like this. Very bad woman realy😁😁😁😁😁😳😳😳😳

  3. Dis movie was ok.I'm always looking for a good movie to watch especially horror movies or supernatural movies really like ghost n spirit movies da best so if anybody haps any suggestions let me know n throw some of these type of movies and I will watch them n appreciate them thanks fir da uploads.

  4. I'm hoping that something kills that cowboy guy first. He's annoying.

  5. 10 minutes of this movie is….well, the movie. the rest of it is very cheap filler. Extremely boring. almost as boring as Dances With Wolves 🙁

  6. I made it to 5:52, that was all I could handle. If you make it longer than me, then you must have more time on your hands than I do. Good luck with this,

  7. how did they get this many terrible actors in one group.this movie is so awful in every category of film making,one just has to keep watching to see if it can get any worse….and it does

  8. I made it to 2:54 …. Couldn't handle it any more…awful…

  9. I felt like gouging my eyeballs. I stayed committed and follow thru, but it was complete torture. Why do people get the money to fund there own movies? Damn!!

  10. It's a ridiculous movie and not carrying it's weight, but the only thing I like in it is the chick with yellow hair color. In the last scene.

  11. just awful……wouldn't advise watching…

  12. colin mochire crap crap and more crap ect……….

  13. It's more like porno than horror.. The usual crap made on the cheap that the Kings of Horror knocks out all the time.. As I like true horror films I tend to stay clear of Kings of Horror, unless you just want a Cheap frill then that's ok..

  14. Not time waist but time killing movie.

  15. 3 minutes and I hate it already.. the girl should have said something.. as the rest of the movie is going to be stupid..

  16. this movie sucks sorry king of horror but my opinion this movie sucks

  17. og more american fake shit movies , kings of horrors really are crap sorry mate


  19. CATHY ANN: Well I guess from all the this movie sucks comments…I'll pass on this one….

  20. The Pacing was a bit slow, but overall a ok flick. I didn't forsee the twist ending so 👍 for that.

  21. kings of horror pleass uploading wrong trun type movies

  22. Omg, this movie doesn't suck!!! It's an awesome movie, watch it til the end!!! Thank you for uploading.

  23. It looks like early 80s VHS porn. And could they have found a less hot guy to play the hot guy?

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