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Ridge War Z | Full Movie English 2015 | Horror

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Kings of Horror presents: Ridge War Z

Three years have passed since the zombie war had been won but for the veterans who fought in that terrible conflict, their memories and pain won’t let them forget. Now the only three surviving veterans of the most brutal battle of the entire war (Gory Ridge) return to recount their horrific experiences to an author who intends to write a book so that the world may better understand the sacrifice of the American infantryman during the great zombie war. It is a story of horror, honor, sacrifice, and brotherhood. This is war, scars and all.

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  1. Its a conspiracy thats what it is! There are nothing bu shitty movies being made this is to get us all of our asses. Why you ask? Well isn't it obvious it's to get us outside so we get some exercise instead of turning into lumps of gooey flesh! It's our ancestors spirits that have overtaken the screen writers minds so they can only write shit. They have also taken all those who thought they could act and removed their frontal cortex's to ensure they never will.
    So everyone up ! Now lets start out with some jumping jacks … Let's begin 1 -2-1-2-1-2-1-2 Wow that was difficult shall we try some girly push ups they might be easier. Okay everyone on your knees -now with hands on couch in front of you lets begin down up-down-up ALL RIGHT ALL RIGHT WHEW THAT WAS AWFULLY HARD WASN'T IT PLUS A BIT CREEPY DON'T YOU THINK?
    Wait look on the pc screen ……a movie on YouTube says…… its the Best scary ShiZ Fi Action Movie of all Time!
    Well I don't know about you but this exercising isn't what its cracked up to be . Besides I need to practice my reading and this one comes with Sub-titles maybe this one will have the actual dialog on screen. although it's always good practice when what the subs say are opposite of what I hear and mispelled .can you agree? Gee I hope this one has the walking dead that can sprint,open doors and drive cars really fast. Naturally after hot wiring and driving with the ignition still locked. I love those they are so realistic!

  2. bongulo movie ……. intha chandaalamayina cinema naa life lo choodaledhu arey cinema teesinavallandharu dog sulli cheekandiraa lunjakodakallaraa

  3. Not a bad movie actually, these independant films are often pretty poor, but sometimes you do get a good one. It could have done with less talk and more action, but on the whole, not bad at all.

  4. I love it bro and upload like this movies

  5. very fid movie and very good beginning if your a zombie fan it's a must see

  6. I'm at 17:00 min and i still have not saw a zombie where they at?

  7. great movie, I enjoyed it thoroughly. the sound design is on point, dramatizing and elevating the climaxes. Wonderful!

  8. L'Inquisition tolère cette vidéo selon l'ordre mk40.000 8541854185

  9. i think ive seen enough blue for the next couple of years…

  10. chairman wait French jacket saving uniform emergency shell.

  11. Bullshit actors, I think they just called a day labor place to fill roles.

  12. sodaraku suruh aku nge download percuma download tapi kagak seru

  13. One could EASILY replace the zombies with actual combatants, and the story would remain the same. The actors were portraying survivors coping with PTSD and recounting the horrors of war that they faced, and watching their friends die and sacrifice themselves for them. that is what the movie was about, Brotherhood and selfless sacrifice for others and the mental horrors of the survivors, aka “Survivor Guilt”. Too many people have forgotten that movies and tv shows have always been, first and foremost, about a STORY. Even IF a movie/show has subpar cinematography and mediocre acting, so long as the STORY is compelling enough, it isn’t really that bad. Too many in this day and age have forgotten that. That said, I thought it was a good movie. 😀

  14. Why don't those people that don't like a movie, move on there are plenty to see on U tube they just spoil it for others, does anybody agree.

  15. What a powerful movie  well done.

  16. 25 minutes into the movie and it's a snooze. hope it gets better

  17. zombie movie whithout…. zombies? bulshit, good audio thou

  18. It should be called Ridge War Zzzzzzzzzzz. Total snoozefest.

  19. phim như cái con cặc, zị mà cũng có mấy thằng mỹ óc cho khen hay

  20. Pretty darned good for what it was

  21. This moment when you realize (if you read the book, ofcourse…) how "World war Z" could and should be… Just imagine events such as Battle of Yonkers made this way. And that movie NOT based on book is more accurate than movie based on this book.

    I was sceptic when started to watch but… You made proof that zombie movie without (barely) hordes of stupid, running zombies and mindless gore action still can be better than those with million times higher budget craps. Great job guys! 10/10.

  22. Lets play a fun game called: "Guess The Budget"
    I'll start, based on the quality all around, $100 max.

  23. Hope u all enjoyed the house of horror by kings of horror

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  25. Why the hell they shoot scenes where the cam is against the light? So uncomfortable to watch.

  26. Wow just finished watching this movie, it wasn't anything like what I was anticipating and this movie was great,,, it's real as real as I can think it would be. because I was not a "ground" force I was in a submarine nuclear powered submarine underwater with air condition, we were fed well, but this movie! I'll be watching again with no distractions and war is not pretty at all. over the years I've experience life and i now have a new point of view, different opinions and attitude toward 'all that goes on' I'm 57 now in San Antonio Texas. I salute you my fellow veterans.!

  27. good movie …((but))…that horrible narration / narrator was really annoying…really bad….Would have been the perfect movie without him.

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