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Sai Baba “Sab Ka Mailk Ek” | HD 1080p | With English Subtitles

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Sai Babas persona and magnetism pulls people from all faiths and walks of life to his abode in Shirdi, even today. His life-story is equally fascinating and full of valuable life lessons for the young mind.
This animated film brings to life the story of Sai Baba from the perspective of a family, comprising two kids and their parents, in todays times. How the presence of Sai Baba is felt in every good deed done to them, and their faith in the Sai saves them from tragedy time and again. Finally, the atheist father who is a scientist working on eradicating blind faith, learns the biggest lesson of his life, that is the power of faith. Told in extremely simple yet very engaging form, this animated film teaches the young impressionable minds valuable lessons of morals and good Indian values.


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  1. miss you…sai……😚😚😚😚

  2. om Sai ram.Sai baba I love u so much Sai ram

  3. sai baba I miss you kerpa karo baaba

  4. 54:11 … god DAMN those traitorous muslims!! damn their EYES, and damn them all to hell whence they came … 😲

  5. Love Each and Every Single Frame In This Movie…
    Wonderful SoundTrack, Dialogues and Sense…
    Thanks 4 Shring it With Subtitles…

  6. साई राम साई शाम साई भगवान शिर्डी के दाता सबसे महान

  7. sai baba have blessing of some god

  8. sai baba is a nice person I love you so much saibaba

  9. om sai ram.. baba mere pe kripa karo sai.. please meri mannat puri kardo deva.. om sai ram.. aur meri mummy papa ko hamesha khush rakhna deva.. Gb ko mere liye mana lo… om sai ram

  10. I love the movie so interesting😍

  11. Om Sai Ram it's a lovely animation film I love it so much

  12. Baba Teri jai ho
    tum aparmpar ho
    tum vishno roop ho
    tum krishn ho
    jai Sai baba

  13. a very nice movie touches the heart

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