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Shiv Parvati | HD 1080p | With English Subtitles

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One is the most fearsome deities of the Indian culture and the other is the most revered, nurturing mother figure. The story of Lord Shiva and Parvati, his consort, is as engrossing as can be. This animated version of their story brings to life in vivid form their adventurous courtship, leading to the most colourful marriage ever!
 How their union was born of a necessity to save the world from the tyrannies of a Rakshas lord, Tarkasur, to the final victory of their sons, Karthik and Ganesh, over him, forms the rest of this extremely entertaining film.


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  1. What is it? Nandi talking in Bhojpuri?? Strange??

  2. Matt apology and return movie I might apology answer the phone broke up on me

  3. ॐ नमः शिवाय 🙏🙏

  4. maro ko yaaa boded achaa ka idea deiraha janakli right path ma

  5. Very interesting this videos…
    But, is there anyone who can subtitle them into Spanish?

  6. Muje accha nahi lagta yaar… Mere Shiv ke baare mein films koi banaate hai toh.

  7. isme bahut kuch galat hai ,nandi kabh sw bihari bolne lg gye aur panda kabb se himalaya mai aa gye iss movie ko bnane wala ki geoghraphy bahut bekar h

  8. Even though my religion is nowhere near Hinduism and Buddhism, I always find these epics really awesome. Like stories of Greek gods and Ancient Egyptians. There's always room to learn lessons in other religions and beliefs. Kudos for the animation too : )))

  9. This is Hindu religion history even if u don't believe

  10. If u Dont Mind I Have A Question About Your Lord Shive Shankar
    My Question is
    Where is Your Shive Shankar ?
    He Is Die Or Not ?
    If He is Die So Where is Die Plce ?
    Answer Is Very Imortant
    I Want Know About This .

  11. It's helpful but there is some offense to shiva in the movie

  12. I luv the god of destruction mighty lord shiva patron god of yoga and arts please my sweet lord shiva please destroy my all enemies with your 3rd eye burn there soul and bless me I m your devotee who prays 2 u everyday without fail

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