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Skeleton Key | Full Movie English 2015 | Horror

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Kings of Horror presents: Skeleton Key

John Johnson’s Skeleton Key is a horror comedy about a tabloid reporter, Howard, who in the process of covering a story on a five-legged two-headed goat comes across the town of Nilbog. The town is a nexus of supernatural activity, which serves as the backdrop for hordes of monsters, musical numbers, and one man’s discovery of the meaning of love.

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  1. I don't know if this movie, if you want to call it that… Could get any more lame than it already is? I couldn't even get through the first five minutes! Who ever made this crap movie needs the ever lovin shit kicked right out of them!!!

  2. Fuckin bollocks this was supposed to be the John Hurt film!

  3. SWIZZ!! I thought this was going to be THE Skeleton Key with John Hurt and Kate Hudson! OFF!

  4. Government interrogators should use this "movie" as a form of torture

  5. You people should just die for this awful rancid shit.!

  6. wtf is this shit!!!!!! fucking bullshit link! i want the 2005 version!! >:/

  7. What the fuck is this shit such should be burned……..waste of data

  8. john johnson is the best gorilla filmaker (:

  9. is there another movie like this skeleton key movie i thought they made something similar u cld say…. I am just wondering ty very much King of Horror

  10. this movie was fucking horrible! I gotta give props to the actors/actresses and crew. having very little to work with in terms of budget, plot, screenplay; y'all made a completely horrible movie fucking hilarious and worth watching!!

  11. John Johnson oh how i wish i still had this on dvd so i could get your to sign it for me never seen the last skeleton but i wanna watch it!
    best gorilla film maker at the time

  12. i dont like the boonies because theyre are rednecks there and they smell like beef

  13. does anyone know the name of the opening song

  14. 1:28:12 possibly the greatest romance song in cinematic history…bravo!

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