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The Real Leader Brahma 2016 | Full Hindi Movie with English Subtitles

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The Real Leader Brahma (Brahma Kannada Movie) Full Length South Indian Action Movie 2015.

Watch This New Sandalwood Action Movie In Hindi “The Real Leader Brahma (Brahma) Starring : Upendra, Pranitha Subhash, Nassar, Sayaji Shinde, Music By : Guru Kiran, Directed By : R. Chandru, Produced By : Manjunath Babu.

Synopsis : The film opens with a lady coming to India from Malaysia . She takes a taxi and wants to go to Brahma’s place. The driver then starts telling her about Brahma’s life. The movie goes into a flashback. In 1970, Veer Brahma(Nassar) kills two rich men.Then his wife gives birth to a son. The movie then comes back in 2014, ACP Shinde(Sayaji Shinde) is handed the case of Brahma. Pranitha comes and tells her story – Pranitha(Pranitha Subhash) is a girl from Malasyia. She lives with her parents in Malasyia .She saw Brahma(Upendra) helping a beggar. After some events she falls in love with Brahma. Then Lucky man, (Rangayana Raghu) a millionaire is also fooled by Brahma. In Malasyia Bramha killed a international don named Rahul Dev(Rahul Dev).

Now we see that Brahma is a Don. Brahma goes to loot his house. There Brahma is living with a new name, Upendra. He works in his father’s house. Then we see some comedies of Sadhu(Sadhu Kokila), who is the leader of the servants in the house. Then Pranitha and Lucky man comes in that house. One day Brahma is caught by ACP Shinde in that house. Then Brahma’s grandfather reveals their past. In 1600 BC A warrior named Brahma (Upendra again) is very kind to poor.

He gives all his wealth to the poor. But in 1950, their family becomes very poor. Then Veer Brahma says that he will take all the wealth his grandfather gave to others. Then Bramha is taken to court and he is sentenced to 2 years in jail. There, his father apologizes to him. After two years, Bramha is now the chief minister of Karnataka. The Lady came to kill Brahma but she did not succeed in killing him. She is the wife of Rahul Dev. The movie ends with Upendra saying, “Jo janta ko chodkar dourta hai woh leader nehi ho ta, Jo janta ko sath lekar dourta hai wahi ho ta hai leader.” In English, this means, “Which man runs without the public he is not a leader, but he who runs with the public he is the leader.”

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  1. Too much drama in this long movie. I was bored at the end!!!

  2. I notice in some of the Hindi movies the Black people are drug dealers and apart of suspicious activities. The dark Indians that are possibly mixed with African blood or other are over weight,greasy and made to look unattractive almost animal like. The light Indian women aren't attractive. Light doesn't equal beautiful. Lots of stereotypes.

  3. worth watching…watched it till the end

  4. lol that budda is also hero my god… 😁😂😃😁😂

  5. ي ناس ترجمو الافلام

  6. phim hay ma éo hieu dc.hieu dx 70% thoi

  7. phim hay ma éo hieu dc.hieu dx 70% thoi

  8. havvy nice movie.i like tihs director and actore.

  9. Kis bewakooff ne Esko hero banaya h

  10. nice movie… great . but too much flashback….

  11. Most ever nice movie ever seen in my entirely life

  12. who is the hero of this movie…

  13. Ого! Очень интересное видео! Здорово! Подпишитесь на мой канал, а я подпишусь на Ваш.

  14. this is coppied from the movie kick

  15. this is coppied from the movie kick

  16. I hate it when someone say eng sun and I click it to watch it but it's not eng sub FK this

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