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The Shunned House | Full Movie English 2015 | Horror Movie

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Based on an H.P. Lovecraft tale, THE SHUNNED HOUSE is the story of Alex and his girlfriend, Rita, who enter a decaying inn to investigate a series of gruesome and unexplained murders from the distant past. Through the dusty rooms they sense an obscure power, a presence of evil, still lurking within the walls. As timeless atrocities appear around them, Alex and Rita realize they may become another one of the inn’s legends. Inside the Shunned House, dying once is not enough.

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  1. Good one, keep up the vids, Kings of Horror

  2. i wouldn't want to waste my time researching a haunted house instead of having sex with my beautiful companion

  3. This has absolutely nothing to do with HP Lovecraft's story except the title. Also, it's boring, with terrible stilted dialogue, and the 'love interest' is a plastic-titted shrew.

  4. This was a remarkable film. It was a complicated and challenging story to sit through. It was disturbing. I imagine some will not have the, whatever that is, to navigate such a film as this. I'm a pretty smart guy, so I found it a great exercise for the psyche that could take a person to a place they have no business going. I give it a 9 out of 10.

  5. very creepy. so let me get this straight ,the young Alex never left the house, am I right?

  6. ifyou kill people    inside  of a secret haunted house say out loud"Satans souls take my souls  to a haunted place forever.take me to manson when he dies for a place of darkness awaits me fools."'

  7. The big-titted, foul-mouthed girl says "The only word in French I know is 'merd'" Like this movie: shit

  8. To confusing, jumping from reality to distant past and back again. Is worth skipping !

  9. Loved this, an ominous other worldly feel, with a few shocks to keep the watcher on their toes, so to speak.
    Good stuff I do like this sort of movie, but more fail than succeed in this specific part of the horror genre.

  10. Wow this is terrible, the book is so much better…

  11. Kings of Horror, rock. Unfortunately this film does not.

  12. dear dear kings of horror iwant to see the shining can you help me

  13. Thanks, but it is kind of dull and hard to get interested. You have made better.

  14. epileptic warning… strobe light in multiple sections. good movie, thanks for the quality film and upload.

  15. I'm so confused. it's really hard to understand. but I still liked it just wish I understood it it's really complicating.

  16. if u didn't like it…y probably did not understand it !!! I thought it was good…must pay attention!!!

  17. I've read more positive than negative reviews from these comments and some good feedback. Most of you say to really pay attention and u will like it. So thank you for your help. I will watch it now and give my input after..

  18. Well that was different. Thanks it was a very good movie. Until next time good night and sweet dreams. ~ L. ~

  19. clicked only because its the name of an hp lovecraft novel. best horror writer this world has ever known!

  20. Dear kings of horror, next time you should try harder with a lovecraftian title! this was a joke! please try and do the haunter of darkness. or in the walls of eryx or the horror in the museum

  21. meme en francais je ne suis pas certaine de comprendre le film il est étrange mais jai aimer

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