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The Witching | Full Movie English 2015 | Horror

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Kings of Horror presents: The Witching

Stewart and Morris think they’re about to spend a boring Friday at home watching grandma. But Stewart’s house magically becomes the doorway between Earth and Hell, where every closet and refrigerator door hides a portal to a mystical dimension, where they must do battle with evil forces that are both human…and inhuman! It’s a wild cinematic broomstick ride!

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  1. Seeing all these great comments lmao I'm going to enjoy this

  2. not since Rocky Horror Picture Show has there been a movie quite like that. lmao from the beginning for the next 10 minutes. this had to be intentionally the worst film and acting production. thank you thank you thank you! to all of those who thumbs down this movie you have to be an idiot to take this movie seriously. I love everybody in the cast and the whole stinking script lol

  3. No offense KOH but every thing I seen from you guys has been pretty lame.

  4. I almost got thru the first 5 mins… damn and I love cheezy flix!

  5. my how you've grown to go from this to the to your best movie I think ,13 Sins! I could pinch your cheeks. +Kings of Horror

  6. gosh wat a waste of money making this movie

  7. Honestly, it took me two days to actually finish the movie. I kept going to sleep. A serious waste of time and battery life..

  8. why you ulpoad also this boring movies ? please upload only the interessting ones.

  9. The opening scene was so real. These movies give me horrible nightmares. I am calling my psychiatrist now, and then the priest.

  10. I'll be ready when they come back !

  11. OW, that was a painful 3 minutes, lol. Nope, and I'd advise you nope too.

  12. the benny goodman nerdwitch hour.who knows crap,

  13. +Dear wonderful Kings!  I can always depend on you for entertainment, even on a dreary Saturday afternoon!  Surely this was an independent film intended to be a satire?    I found it hysterical and early on I figured out that Grandma would save the day.  At the end I loved her "new" pet.  I picked out that particular imp the minute I saw him peering over the witcdhe's shoulder.  he really is cute, don't you think?  Thanks dears!

  14. ok the granny just punch the witch and she died not very good film but the opening song is very chathe

  15. great slap stick comedy! love the low budget nostalgic feel.

  16. Is this an acting school play or something?

  17. Thirteen minutes are all I can take. I am ready to cut off my ears and pluck out my eyeballs. Even that would be less painful than watching this sad attempt at film making. The Kings have let me down!

  18. uh oh…I think I'm obsessed with these crazy awesome Kings of horror flix….this should have a cult following…..

  19. Low budget magic 🙂 Thus far, this movie is GREAT (13:12)! THIS MOVIE IS EXCELLENT! The dialogue alone is tremendous. THIS MOVIE IS AWESOME! On a scale of One (1) to Ten (10), I give this a Twenty-five (25)! This is an excellent B Movie.

  20. Sychotic movie 🎥 and stupid as sin

  21. you fucking rezarted ass bitch nigga wanna eat his fucking burgers on YouTube who fuckn does that shit tell me.. ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwee nastysssas

  22. What calculator was used to record this with.

  23. this is from the 70's had to finish watching the remake would be great the fog work was good this was watchable FUNNY too one of so bad it's good

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