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Torment | Full Movie English 2015 | Horror

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Kings of Horror presents: Torment

Meet Dissecto the clown. He’s got a captive audience
From the makers of DEAD CLOWNS (“one of the most effective indie horror films I’ve seen in years” – Bloody Disgusting) comes a new tale of coulrophobia! Suzi Lorraine (Chainsaw Sally, Satan’s Schoolgirls) plays Laura Wiggington, a woman recently discharged from a psychiatric hospital. Her husband Ray (Tom Stedham) takes her to an isolated river cottage to recover. There she is stalked by a psychopathic clown named Dissecto (Lucien Eisenach — Hellbound: Book of the Dead) who performs macabre “tricks” for his literally captive audiences. But does the clown really lurk nearby or only in the dark recess of Laura’s troubled mind?

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  1. This movie is sickening and epitomizes that evil that is still being promoted here in America!
    I do not like this, and nor do I promote it in any way, shape, form, or fashion. Evil people who like to make movies like this must be sick themselves. Americans! WAKE UP! There are many evil ones out there and our goal should be to stop them any way we can!

  2. I love it, horror thriller or zombie i love it so much ❤️❤️

  3. for real I don't know where the girl didn't scream when the mask wasn't on her and I need it probably would have helped you that there was somebody there anyways I think this movie was kinda lame we should make something that you could get out I mean there's so many obviously she could have stayed alive 😐😑

  4. Clowns are dicks some times because they are evil

  5. I love B-movies but this was the worst acting even for a B-movie. LOL!

  6. What kind of a man responds to his woman's fears like that…o ones actin lame in lame movies

  7. i want very danger massacre movie

  8. The pacing is slow, the blocking of the scenes is super slow, the acting is crap, the ending is shit

    … But it's worth a laugh at least.

  9. The Real Torment was Watching This Movie😭😭👎❌

  10. Like a fun time with friends, pizza and laughs.

  11. hey guys check out the slasher one night of fear with suzi lorraine as well its on amazon video

  12. THEY ALL deserved to die for being idiots!

  13. How many movies have been named "Torment," anyway?

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