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Two Tickets to Venice. Russian Movie. Melodrama. English Subtitles. StarMedia

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Sasha and his girlfriend Lisa have decided to travel to Venice after they graduate from college, but Lisa’s parents have different ideas. They are hoping to secure a prestigious job for their daughter by introducing her to an influential family friend – Leonid Yakovlevich and his son Igor.

While Lisa continues to prepare for her trip, she begins to spend more and more evenings with Igor, and, even though the tickets have already been bought and Lisa is packing her suitcase, a call from Igor changes her plans…

Ten years later, Igor and Lisa are married with a daughter while Sasha has become a successful lawyer, but when Sasha and Lisa meet one day at a college reunion, it is obvious that the passion between them has never gone away…

Type: film
Genre: melodrama
Year of production: 2011
Directed by: Anna Kel’chevskaya
Written by: Andrey Fadeev
Director of photography: Ekaterina Dubrovskaya
Music by: Anton El’darov
Producers: Vitaliy Bordachev, Vlad Ryashin
Cast: Yulia Kel’chevskaya, Dmitriy Mazurov, Evgenia Simonova, Irina Cherichenko, Yuriy Shlykov, Irina Shevchyk, Ivan Shabaltas, Alisa Panchenko

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  1. пожалуйста , ребята, посетить и подписаться на мой канал

  2. who cares about the movie – the blond guys hot! who is he?

  3. I was shocked when I saw the end of the movie!!!!Who killed him,Liza or her husband?

  4. Disappointing. Starts with an anemic plot, slow action, zigue-zaguing direction. Oh well, so is life. Thanks anyway

  5. good movie , but i have gone too many faces of life in my younger life

  6. the bad guy won so sad,hey writer of the movie dont make like this story again not good heartpain …anyway thanks

  7. the Russian movie always died at the ending..

  8. Uhh I love Russian romantic movies please upload more with english sub
    romantic movies .

  9. why russian movie ending is very sad, why negative role is always victory

  10. I enjoyed this film, was not the ending I was expecting. I give it 👍👍👍 up!

  11. Thanks! It's very useful for learning Russian: action is predictable and slow, vocabulary from ordinary life. And, relax, this is a just a melodrama, a novelette. 🙂

  12. A good movie. More typical of real life than most.

  13. There are a section of women who never express their real feelings. They marry for money n keep coming back into their ex's lives only to hurt them again.never date an indecisive woman.

  14. The women made the wrong choice from the very beginning, ten years ago.
    Why marry a man you don't love?

  15. Such an ending, this guy should have lived a good life with some other deserving gal

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