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हिन्दी सुपरहिट फिल्म – वादा {HD} New Hindi Movies 2017 Full Movie – Vaada – Arjun Rampal

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watch New Hindi Movie Vaada Full Movie bollywood starring Arjun Rampal, Amisha Patel, Zayed Khan.

देखिये हिन्दी सुपरहिट फिल्म – वादा – जिसने जीत लिया लोगों का दिल

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Arjun Rampal as Rahul Verma
Amisha Patel as Puja
Zayed Khan as Karan
Rakesh Bedi as Advocate Saxena
Rajesh Vivek as Inspector Khan
Veerendra Saxena as Alex
Kuldeep Sharma
Anil Saxena
Achyut Potdar
Shashi Kiran
Alok Nath as Mr. Sharma
Anjana Srivastav
Sarfaraz Khan

Synopsis:- The movie opens as both Rahul (Arjun Rampal) and his friend, Karan (Zayed Khan) discover the deceased body of Rahul’s wife, Pooja (Amisha Patel), hanging in the living room of her home. Throughout the movie, many twists occur including some as red herrings surrounding the mystery of Pooja’s sudden death. There are frequent flashbacks of Pooja’s past with both Rahul and Karan.
As the investigations go on, the audience finds out that Karan was Pooja’s ex-boyfriend. Karan was brash and good-looking, but had a major flaw – he was obsessed with Pooja and violently jealous of anyone paying her any attention. Karan’s flaw caused Pooja to initially fear him and eventually break up with him. He leaves town and she becomes a famous music performer and soon meets a handsome, loving, wealthy man, Rahul, who falls madly in love with her when since he saw her dance to the song, ‘Zindagi ko Savar De Maula’. Pooja loves her husband very much and on their wedding night she promises she will never do anything to shame him, flashbacks are shown with a happy marriage which gets shattered when the couple are involved in a car accident, causing Rahul to go completely blind.
Karan, unaware of Pooja’s marriage to Rahul, as he left the country to make something of himself for Pooja to be proud ofso he could become worthy of Pooja’s hand in marriage. When he comes back, he is heartbroken to find out that his ex-love is married and coincidently he had become a business partner and friend of Rahul. One day, Rahul takes Karan to his house, where Karan is in for a surprise as he sees Pooja! Pooja is shocked to see Karan, but makes it clear to him that she loves her husband and their relationship is definitely in the past.
The movie goes back to the present where an unknown man is trying to blackmail Karan as Pooja’s jewelry is found in his drawer. To make matters worse, someone seems to be trying to kill Rahul! Pooja’s body is stolen from the morgue and found cremated on the beach. After some investigations, the police take Karan to the police station. Eventually Karan is indicted, but denies his involvement as Pooja’s former lover and stalker, even though he knows that he loved Pooja. Also, the fact that Rahul is, in fact, not blind is unveiled as he had an eye operation to cure his blindness, but he keeps up the act of being blind.


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  1. i really like this movie arjun and amisha make a good cupple and karan got a dangerous love

  2. it did not end nicely Zayed khan ws supposed to be free and arjuna in jail frever

  3. idiot movie very rough and funny acting

  4. waaah muuuaaahh super song vaada h ye muuaahh muuuaah

  5. zayed bahot bakwass tha dhokhebj tha nice movie

  6. this is only movie of Arjun rampal was terrific acting performance…

  7. are is movie me toh nattu kaka v hai…

  8. i wish i can get a husband like him.and most importantly i want to be also deserving for him…

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