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Anand {HD} – Rajesh Khanna | Amitabh Bachchan – Superhit Hindi Movie – (With Eng Subtitles)

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Anand Saigal Rajesh Khanna an unusual interesting man who lived what remained of his life fully completely. Treating every living moment as magic every minute a miracle every hour a gift. A man whose life inspires his friend Dr. Bhaskar Banerjee Amitabh Bachchan to write a book that wins the coveted Sarasati Award.A terminally ill cancer patient Anand walks into Dr Bannerjees life just when he is about to sink into cynicism. Anands selfless boisterous humerous non stop chatter changes everyone around him. His attempts to get the tongue tied Dr. Bhaskar to admit his love for Renu the schoolteacher. His refusal to stay in bed and be treated like a patient. His metaphorical search for Murarilal his so called long lost friend his total commitment to live for others and not wallow in self pity. These are very sensitively brought out by one of Indias finest directors of Hindi cinema Hrishikesh Mukherjee. He teams up with Gulzar as lyricist and dialogue writer to give us some of the best lines in Hindi cinema and some hauntingly lovely songs. It plays on your heartstringa but in the end you will agree Anand lives.


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  1. Makes me cry everytime i watch this movie. It always teaches me that the true meaning of life is life itself. दुख अपने लिए रख, अानंद सबके लिए! Classic ❤️👌🏻

  2. Most wonderful movie I have ever watched

  3. The most influential movie till date.

  4. I wanted to cry! and I cried#Baithe baithe yunhi bhar aayi aankhe.

  5. i like it song kahi door jab din ghal jaye

  6. rajesh khanna and rajinikanth with their own systle mesmerized everybody

  7. only tears in my eyes……………..don't have words actuallyyyy……….

  8. No-body have ever thought that this slim young man will become KING of bollywood one day.

  9. One an only movie
    My favourite movie

  10. 01.24 Johnny Walker steals the show

  11. Ye Flim Sikhati Hain Ki
    Jindagi Ki Matlab|
    Ye Flim Unlogo Ke Liye Hain Jo Jinda Rehke Bhi Har Pal Marte Hain etc.

  12. ultimate content…n inspirational movie

  13. beautiful movie…old is gold 👏👌

  14. for the first time i cried while watching a movie , masterpiece

  15. Superb great movie old is gold. Dil choliya is movie ne Mera dil ko hum to ro Diya is ko Dekh kr

  16. The best bollywood movies are which were made in those times. In todays time no movie is compatible to those in early 70's

  17. Very good babu mushy by Rajesh khanna

  18. Legends have millions of haters but billions of lovers

  19. i just cant express this film… truely a masterpiece… opens our eyes towrds life… 😚😁

  20. Even an emotionless person won't be able to control tears 😢

  21. Whenever I feel depressed I see this movie.

  22. A grand salute to the legendary star rajesh khanna .you remain in our heart

  23. no one will be like u in present past and future

  24. I have my exam tommorow, but i am watching this movie here.. not for the first time. already watched more than 5 times. this movie inspires me the most..

  25. What a masterpiece …..seriously nobody can watch this movie without the tears ….golden movie of golden era

  26. Shemaroo please fix the timing of the subtitles us non indians want to watch the film but cannot because the english subtitle is out of sync. Pleaseeee.

  27. its a 7th time that iam watching this movie again. …and still crying


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