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Chandni Bar Hindi Bollywood Full Movie | Tabu

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It’s a story of Mumtaz (Tabu) who loses her parents in riots & communal violence. Her uncle is the only family member left to fend for her. She decides to go to Mumbai to start a new life. She gets a temporary job as a bar dancer in Chandni bar, with which she is totally uncomfortable. But, she has to do this until her mama finds a job. After few weeks, she becomes friends with the co-bar dancers. But as she get a hang of her new life, there is a shock in store for her. She gets raped by her Mamu. This devastes her life completely & hence she looks forward eagerly to go to Chandni bar every night to avoid her Mamu. There she meets Potya(Atul Kulkarni), an underworld gangster. Could this be a new beginning for Mumtaz?


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  1. bil kul real story,,very very nice movie,,

  2. Where could I get this movie with english subs?

  3. hats off for tabbu mam she is such a talented actress….

  4. Can someone please upload this movie with English subtitles?

  5. Ab koi maanay ya na maanay pr hm ny Tabu madam ki Boo sungi thi karib
    aik saal pehly. flight mn safar k doran pata ni madam ny kya kha rakha
    tha us din bar bar gas chor rhien thien ulti krny ka man kr raha tha
    mera. ab jb bhi mn in ko kahien dekh lun tu woh zehreeli Gas wala samay
    yaad aa jata hy. Itnay badboodar or ganday PAAD us sy pehly or us k baad kbhi ni sunghay.

  6. madhur bhandarkar is a best director.its gets 4 prize.its shows real story of maya nagri bole to mumbai

  7. This can happen to anyone in the world where young girls lose their parents, makes me wanna say, being Poor, Being a woman, being uneducated, being too sensitive is all a Crime, if you're all that; you will be punished by disreputable wild hungry men. Only if women over there, If somebody would help her Mumtaz or take her to "Foster care for girls", the girl would have had a day of peace. Although Not sure how those foundations operate.😟 Earth is a beautiful Planet but the Man made World is 🔥Hell🔥.

  8. This is what I would call a good movie. Deeply touched.

  9. This movie proved that tabbu is known for her serious acting . but ending of this movie should have been good cuz I don't like those movie left me with pain. still movie is awesome and deserve national awards . I often watch this movie in interval of some month

  10. Why didn't tabu save for her kids when potlya was alive and rich ..both knew well his upcoming fate ..she sud have saved or invested money :/

  11. lesson…………gunde ke beta gunda aur randi ki beti randi hi hoti hai

  12. tabu. I loveu. 2. Janu. karva. Days. Janu. 👄👄👄. misiu. Janu

  13. melted my heart…….this is masterpiece

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