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Guddi (HD) – Dharmendra | Jaya Bhaduri – Superhit Hindi Movie – (With Eng Subtitles)

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Kusum a small town school going girl is very fond of movies and has a crush on filmstar Dharmendra. No one knows the extent of her crush until she meets her sister-in-laws brother Navin who falls in love with her. When Navin comes to know about the reality he discusses it with his uncle Utpal Dutt and with Dharmendras help they show her the difference between the real and the reel world and Guddi Changes.


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  1. All time hit….the acting of all the actors seemed to be more than natural!!!Among best movies

  2. All time hit ….really art in this movie is really smart!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. the great late Pransaab at 1.10.10

  4. Nice movie,every one should alive innocents in heart like guddi…

  5. कितनी संदर फिल्म। हृषिकेश मुखर्जी की एक और अनुपम कृति।

  6. ever green movie good lessen for teenagers Thanks

  7. jayaji was just 23….she looks like 18

  8. Great great great great film ever………………………………………………

  9. A good moral film for young genration.

  10. Didn't Anyone Notice, That The Music That Plays Right At The Beginning, Is The Same That Plays In The Background or Rajesh Khanna In Bawarchi !! A Typical 'Rupam Chitra' Music I Should Say !!

  11. hahaha the last line by utpal dutt ji "JAI DHARMENDRA" hahaha funnyyyyyyyyy

  12. Thanks hrishi da…! Itni achhchhi movie banane ke liye…

  13. The opening music was the prayer in my school…Public School Sector 10, Bhilai…Very inspirational. Jai Hind !

  14. This is such a well researched movie on adolescent behavior! Even in today's time, it would be a multiplex hit.

  15. Saw this movie for the first time. Highly impressive, authentic characters and a story that is relevant even in today's time. And this movie also shows the strength of Jaya Bhaduri as an actress even at very young age. What a superb performance!

  16. i will never get bored watching this movie

  17. Hrishi Da's movies must be made a part of Indian School Curriculum. So down to earth movies yet makes you learn about Indian Values

  18. Superb movie… i lost my self in watching movie amazing …. made my day!!! great acting by Jaya Bhaduri

  19. stupid bollywood movies nothing more than shit.

  20. it is one of the best movies tjat each kid should watch with their parents…

  21. aaj ki flim se kayi guna jyada aachi hai

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