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Gumnaam (1965) Hindi Full Length Movie | Manoj Kumar, Nanda | Raja Nawathe | Hindi Movies Hub

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Watch Gumnaam (1965) Hindi Full Length Movie | Manoj Kumar, Nanda | Raja Nawathe | Hindi Movies Hub

Gumnaam hindi full movie starring Manoj Kumar, Nanda, Pran, Helen, Mehmood, Dhumal, Madan Puri, Tarun Bose, Manmohan, Laxmi Chhaya and others. Directed by Raja Nawathe. Music composed by Shankar-Jaikishan.

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  1. I had searched this movie lot many times on YouTube. Finally it is uploaded. Thank you.

  2. yes d idea is definitely taken 4m agatha christie's then there were none but there are some basic diff and thats why 1 cant complain of copying it 4m d novel completely..4 eg all the people here were connected with 1 person's murder whereas in the novel it was about different cases.the perpetrator in this case is criminal himself and wanted revenge but in novel that person was a judge and had some twisted sense of correcting the wrongs.then there is a police inspector in the middle of this whereas it was missing from the novel.finally the conspirator was in this but in novel every1 dies..

  3. Gumnam hai koi, Badnaam hai koi, Kisko Khabar Kon yaha

  4. i think its adapted from agatha chritie novel and there were none

  5. great movie
    great song Jan pehchan ho
    great performance by pran Saheb
    rafi Saheb the legend
    Jane chaman shola badan
    aaj kaun itani imandari se suspense movie banata hai
    master piece movie
    my favourite movie

  6. rafi Saheb u r great
    u r MY favourite singer

  7. vo bhi kya din the
    jab filmo me LOG dil se acting karte the
    what a natural acting of all in gumnam???

  8. watched 5 times in 1965 college days ! yet it was never too much-such was the craze for this movie in those days !

  9. it is interesting horror movie but it is not very horror movie it is very very very nice movie

  10. bullshit movie, the constant interruption of the songs kept on breaking the flow of a suspense thriller

  11. Gud movie-keeps audience mesmerised as to who is the killer-MK gud 2!

  12. People in India have no sense. They shoot movies based on fiction, copy other American movies without kmowing the consequences. it could land them in trouble or law suit.

  13. Suspenseful and appealing movie…

  14. This classic mystery needs more votes on IMDb.

    So, rate it here! :

  15. The best suspense movie ever made….

  16. This movie same to same illuminati if any parson give you ariplane ticket don't go one time same to same with………………….and secret be careful your life no joke………… For example one man United States off America hold all world and one person like this trench eddy you des aid what do you if you say god help me god help you if you forget you know…………….

  17. One of the most interesting, thrilling, movie of the days. Even today it looks good to watch the movie, After 20 years, i was born after the hit movie from Manoj Kumar, i loved the movie so much coz of its songs n thriller.

  18. Thanks for sharing man… I am searching this from last few years. Once again Thank you..:)

  19. What's the deal with the guy with the bowl haircut and the toothbrush moustache? He looks incredibly queer.

  20. Superb SJ music, superb photography, superb back ground score, superb acting by all characters

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