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Indian Food Wisdom & Art of Eating Right by Rujuta Diwekar (Hindi) – HD

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Indian Food Wisdom & The Art Of Eating Right by Rujuta Diwekar brings forth our ancient wisdom on what to eat, how much to eat, when to eat, how to stay healthy and its relevance in our times. Its an attempt to help you overcome the ever conflicting information on food and weight loss fads. The biggest celebrities of Indian cinema like Saif Ali Khan, Kareena Kapoor, Karishma Kapoor etc share their opinion on eating right and the diet secrets that have kept them healthy in all these years. Watch it for a fresh, but age old, perspective on well-being. One which lets you enjoy every meal with a smile.

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  1. plz upload the english version too

  2. So much informative. Thanks a lot. Would request you to upload it in English so that people from all over the world understand the wisdom of Indian food and Ayurveda.

  3. Very informative video. I & my family have decided to follow this golden path from now itself. Please tell us about diabetic food. Thank you very much.

  4. very very informative…thank you Rujuta Diwekar …sunny from newzealand

  5. Hi Rujuta , What are your opinions on suggested early morning drinks like bottlegourd juice, pumpkin juice, (lemon+ginger+honey) in lukewarm water as detox ??

  6. a wonderful informative video about the real seceret of traditional Indian foods and habits..
    it deserves a big round of appreciation and every indain should see at least once. to know about our powerful Indian food secrets..

  7. Thank you for Inform such innovative and real things about food from our ancient times, I am also a Food Technologist and i agree your things…

  8. Bekar video log kitna share karte he or viral ho jaata he… ye itna acha or informative video he fir bhi bahot kam share hua he …. pls share it and aware about our food pattern…

  9. it's too good info , for me , to change my daily lifestyle

  10. I m not totally agree with you. you are saying home made deep fried food is good for our health. do you know that most of the north Indian eat aloo paratha with potato sabji in morning. do you think it contains amino acids. I don't think so.

  11. Beautiful…. I mean the information also…

  12. really making eating fun with health

  13. hello mam mene aapka poora vedio dekha per ye smajh nahi pai ki food me kya kya khana hi kya iske liye mujhe koi book leni chahiye ya aapne koi aur dvd banai h please reply

  14. I would Say: This is the Best Information about our Food. Very Informative Video, Thanks You so much mam.

    Keep Posting. Good Luck

  15. I shared Your Video with my all Social Media.

  16. We are trying to incorporate your guidelines into our day to day diet and living. Working very well for us. You are a blessing for traditional souls like us!

  17. Thank you so much Rujuta, I am reading your book also, an will try to follow our Indian wisdom as much as I can. thank you so so much 😍

  18. this is indeed the best info i ever got on food science …………..its ancient knowledge is so advanced …

  19. I love sweets and can't resist myself when I see sweets.Plz say something on sweets.I have a tendency to gain fat quickly.

  20. u said aft getting up in d morning v shud eat with in ten minutes so what v shud eat .

  21. u said aft getting up in d morning v shud eat with in ten minutes so what v shud eat .

  22. what v shud eat aft getting up in the morning

  23. सप्तधातु क्रम इस प्रकार है

  24. love u mam. u r amazing. thanks for so much valuable information

  25. which prayer is this that is coming post 45 mins of video running?

  26. It's very informative but would be great if you provided a proper Indian diet plan for weight loss & a long term good health ..but I guess we can't have it as we are not paying for it .
    Thank you for information .

  27. when i eat gheee and how much????

  28. hi rujuta,
    I am a very big fan of your talk about our traditional food preparation. And not only that, your voice is also very sweet. the way u sang mantras in this video. thanks for all that you are doing for our future generations.

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