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Mahakali Ka Insaaf | Full Movie | Sri Raja Rajeswari | Ramya Krishnan | Hindi Dubbed Movie

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Super Hit movie Mahakali Ka Insaaf (1990) Dubbed Hindi version of Tamil movie Sri Raja Rajeshwari.

Synopsis : Ramki and Ramya Krishnan belong to a tribal community and are lovers. The elders decide to unite them in marriage. On the night before the day of the marriage the couple happily sing and dance. Three businessmen who come to the hill station spot the two and try to misbehave with the girl. In the fight both lovers die. The girl vows that she will come back to take revenge.


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  1. very nice
    i love this movie
    Jai durga kali

  2. My second time watching this movie♥ I ♥ it.

  3. very nice movie & the end is so beautiful.

  4. thanks for sharing Ultra Movie Parlour

  5. The love of Raj rajashwory is nothing? Y minakshi only got her love? M not agree with this . God u r really bad . I trust u but m not satisfied with u 🙁

  6. I watched this movie when I was little and I still love it! <3

  7. Yes, I can see so beautiful film…. Raja Rajeshwari was born with the power of Mahakaali to Kill the evil one who ruined her past but not to get married to Raja. The end just Fantastic. LOVE IT. 🙂

  8. i thought this movie was about justice why raj rajeshwari did not get any

  9. This movie is so confusing 😒

  10. Is this story of sri raja rajeshwari true beacause there is a goddess raja rajeshwari

  11. I love this movie but why rajeshwari did not get her husband and why durga and kali maa make her goddess raja rajeshwari

  12. Stupid movie, making fun of mother Goddess, flop story

  13. i liked this movie very much but the starting was sad

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