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Mastana – Hindi Full Movie

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Mastana – Hindi Full Movie
A poor yet kind bachelor Satya (Mehmood) befriends a rich but neglected child, Naintara when he finds her left alone on the streets. Naintara’s snobbish parents resent this friendship and prevent their daughter from seeing Satya.

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  1. Mehemood is great comedian but while doing
    tragic role he can make stone to cry
    he is great

  2. thanks for sharing such a wonderful and act by Mehmood
    May Allah pleased him

  3. I love movie of Mahmoud he is a great person we all miss him on the earth

  4. ओ नयनतारा और सत्या तुमने तो है अभिनय किया,
    लेकिन हमको असली में रुला दिया!!!

  5. no doubt mehmood was really great actor we miss him

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