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Meera – Hindi Full Movie

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Meera is based on the life of the Hindu saint-poet Meerabai who renounced all comforts of a royal life in pursuit of her love for Lord Krishna. The film portrays the life of Meera from a historical viewpoint rather than a mythological one.

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  1. sad story…y her beloved Lord dint come to save her..she loved him so much..but wot she got in return..insults from society..damnation..torture.. harassment..proves.that love in this world is an unpardonable it a saint or a normal human being or a God or a Goddess..I hate this loveless world

  2. My heart goes out to her real husband rana..maybe he shud have married som1 else rather than her..he suffered too much and it looks like he really cared abt her unconditionally inspite of knowing that she dinthave any feelings for him..and she shudnt have married him and spoilt his life..he is the real hero of the story

  3. Stirs the deepest emotions of one's being !!

  4. A very long real story tried to be bundled in two nd half hours…..few parts covered, many important instances not shown !

  5. Meera never had a sister krishna and bhojraj liked meera not krishna. Wronged story.

  6. very nice heart touching movie, but rana ji kae saath anyay hua

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