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Prem Geet {HD} – Hindi Full Movie – Raj Babbar, Anita Raj – Bollywood Movie – (With Eng Subtitles)

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Akash and Shikha make an impressive creative team as they work together in a dance troupe, and a romantic relationship soon flourishes between them. But when it transpires that Shikha only has a few months to live, and she’s pregnant, some dramatic scenes unravel as the movie travels nears its climax

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  2. sacrifices ke zabardast dastan. fantastic

  3. this movie just makes me cry and i cannot control my tears for a long time!…. The most emotional luv story. Mar daala.

  4. super gazzal….mera geet amar kar do…..

  5. the same story i saw, an Egyptian film from the 70's.. but that film had no comedy, no marriage, more depth and really heartbreaking

  6. This can be happen in real life
    I had cseen in mumbai

  7. Anita Raj is maybe the most beautiful acctress that has ever appeared on Indian silver screen. Nobody of those who followed her or came before her can compare to her beauty and charme. Watch the Sanjay Dutt movie with Anita Raj.

  8. Very nice movie when I see this movie I fell crying I love this movie

  9. Sala rastraghati nepali movie ko name rakhera Hindi movie upload garne?

  10. Pls upload silsila full movie with english sub

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