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Raaj Tilak (1984) | Full Hindi Movie | Dharmendra, Hema Malini, Pran

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Plot Theme::
The local King has surrounded himself with enemies, which include his own trusted men: Bhavani Singh, and Ranjeet, who plot to overthrow him, in vain, as the King’s loyal employee, Samadh Khan, and the King’s brother-in-law, Arjun Singh, come to his rescue. But events take an unfortunate turn when the King’s newborn son is abducted by Jalal Khan, for which Samadh Khan is branded a traitor, is arrested, but escapes dramatically. After abducting the newborn prince, Jalal turns him over to the Sardar of a local gypsy band, and loses consciousness. The queen is distraught over the disappearance of her son, and Arjun offers his son in exchange, which she accepts. But Bhavani finds out about this, and switches his son with that of Arjun Singh. Years later, the Prince, Shamsher Singh, has grown up, and like Bhavani is a tyrant, womanizer and alcoholic. He soon imprisons his very own mother until such time she announces that he is to be the new king, and inflicts all kinds of atrocities on the people in the region, in her name. Arjun attempts to intervene, but is branded a traitor, and imprisoned. Will the real prince surface now to set things right? Or will he continue to live the life of a gypsy without knowing his true heritage.

– Husn Tera Ek Ajooba (Asha Bhosle, Suresh Wadkar)
– Julam Ho Gaya Re ( Kishore Kumar, Alka Yagnik, Sadhana Sargam)
– Aa Gaye Rang Jamane Wale (Lata Mangeshkar, Kishore Kumar)
– Aaj Mera Pyar Tujhko Pukare (Asha Bhosle)
– Ek Lafz-e-Mohabbat (Asha Bhosle, Shabir Kumar)

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  1. chutiya movie for chutiya people who are easily made chutiyas.

  2. just average film. Yeh jitni achi film batai jati hai utni hai nahi.

  3. أفلام دارمندرة مترجم لماذا لم يتم الترجمة

  4. jugrajsingh me know when you are not the same thing happened in the morning and them to you

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