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It’s love at first sight when Madhav Shastri aka Maddy (R. Madhavan) first glimpses the beautiful Reena Malhotra (Diya Mirza). Thereafter he meets her again and finds out that she the betrothed to Rajiv. Maddy impersonates Rajiv and enters Reena’s life. And they both fall in love. Then American-settled Rajiv Samra (Saif Ali Khan), who used to know Madhav from college, comes to India to marry Reena. Reena is shocked to find out that the one she has given her heart out to is a fraud. Accordingly, she decides not to do anything with him, and lets her parents (Maya Alagh and Navin Nischal) go ahead with the arranged marriage with Rajiv (or Sam). Maddy is devastated and he confronts Reena, but Reena refuses to have anything to do with him. That’s when he decides to go to the US, to forget Reena and start life afresh.


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  1. Wtf Ye film Ko super duper hit krna chahiye AVI release krwao is film Ko dekhna box office blockbuster krega … iska Music mera felling me to current nahi aag laga diya is film ne …..Ab tak kitna song sun Chuka hu mgr is film ke story aur Music ka koi AVI tak takkr nahi… i love this move Rhtdm it should be reback with Rhtdm 2

  2. one of the my best flm….i watch the movie many time

  3. really i cnt waiting for RHTDM 2…..

  4. jitobar dkhe6i totobar kede6i…..gaan gulo o maratokk

  5. mera fav movei hai.. frnds.. thank u…

  6. this is my fav movie , i love it….i saw this 90 times still count is increasing……

  7. love this movie reminds me of my school life back in 2000.. wow
    madhavan the best..
    love from karachi Pak.

  8. Hard to imagine that this movie was flop on that time. The way of romance is unparalleled and never get bored watching the movie. Although I am not a Indian.

  9. watched 100 time still can't get enough

  10. what are those ways of expressing love!what a movie!

  11. Shanti c mana to Sharna hai Ager nai to Pehlay Furniture tortay hain Phir tang 😀

  12. part of movie shooted in New Zealand… Christchurch… title song …cathedral square @1:24:18

  13. Such a shitty movie. A guy being such a disgusting guy got the girl. Chased her like a creep. Lied to her to get to her. And then even indulged in violence to convince her.
    And like an idiot, the girl at the end even gets back with him. No wonder people get influenced to do wrong things because of such shitty illogical movies.

  14. wow awesome rhtdm movie. love u Maddy

  15. one of my all tym favourite 💜💜…

  16. Maddy Maddy Mech fire
    Bhai mech engineer hii most reliable and faithfully lovers hote hai

  17. its 16 years and I am watching this movie. there's something in this.

  18. really saccha pyar kabhi juda nhi ho skta

  19. Maddy maddy o o maddy i love this tune

  20. if at that period story would have got block buster hit then this time we were not crying for not making RHTDM 2.. it's our the audience fault that we didnt gave any value to such a great movie it's shame for us.. that's why they've stopped such productions.

  21. Even if his behavior make him look like some thug he was at least real with his feelings for her, he did what he could. It isn't the best way to approach a girl in my opinion but whatever..Great movie.

  22. He said bon apetite katy perry song

  23. I'm not from India but I must say there is no point this can be a flop movie! I really enjoyed a lot in the past and still watching now makes me feel so good.

  24. u should act in rehna hai tere dil me part 2

  25. can you make to able to meet r madhavan

  26. India Needs Simple and Sensible Guy Who Can Say "Such Keh Raha Hoon Agar Mere Pas Abhi Ek Mangalsutra Aur Sanhai Ki Kasat Hoti To Abhi Isi Waqt Tumse Shaadi Karleta…" Instead of giving fake promises like "I Love You" Or "Cant Leave Without You"..Stop Promising and Start Doing…One of My All Time Fav Bolly Movie

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