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Suraksha – Hindi Full Movie

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Suraksha – Hindi Full Movie
In a bid to locate a missing employee, Jackson, the Central Bureau of Investigation assigns Agent Gopi to locate him. Gopi accepts this assignment and must battle women; venomous snakes; gangsters; kidnappers; a robot-human; as well as Priya Varma – who believes that he killed her father, Dr. Varma; Neelam – who is determined to seduce and then enslave him; and the unknown and mysterious head of an organization simply known as S.S.O.

Ranjeeta Kaur, Mithun Chakraborty, Jeevan,Aruna Irani, Suresh Oberoi

Ravikant Nagaich

Farooq, Ramesh Pant

Initial release:

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  1. wow Mithun use to be an Icon in Russia or USSR back in 80's, now i know why…

  2. Эх, клеши… Красавчик! Лет до 60 Митхун выглядел на 10 лет моложе своего возраста.

  3. kya bakwas direction he movie ki par gane ache he

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