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Surkhaab 2012 Hindi Movie | Barkha Madan | Sumit Suri | Vineeta Malik | Hindi Movies

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Movie Name : Surkhaab
Starring: Barkha Madan, Sumit Suri, Vineeta Mallick, Naresh Ghosain, Ashu Sharma, Nishant Bahl, Kanza Ferris
Directed By: Sanjay Talreja,
Edited by Archit Rastogi
Music Director: Indraneel Hariharan
Lyricists: Rajesh Chawla
Genre: Thriller

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About Film: Surkaab, a story of our times… of globalization, immigration and basic survival. Jeet, has spent her formative years training hard to become a state level Judo champion. The discipline required has made Jeet into a straight shooter, who is unafraid to say things as they are. Now, trying to adjust to a life after sports, she finds herself tackling the chauvinistic and corrupt world of a life in a village in Punjab.

Needless to say, she finds herself in deep trouble which necessitates that she leave, and leave quickly. She has no desire to leave her roots but is left with no option. Although she has no trust in them, Jeet is forced to ask the help of the local hustler Balbir and his nephew Kuldeep. Through them she obtains a counterfeit visa to come to see her brother in Toronto, Canada.

The film explores the real life challenges and obstacles faced by a reluctant immigrant to one of the most beautiful, peaceful and “safe” countries in the world. All Jeet wants is to see her brother and make a basic life for herself. Will Jeet survive? Can she make sense of what is happening to and around her?

This is the story of one woman’s courageous journey to build a life she can live with dignity, honesty and above all, integrity.

Jeet is a fiesty and headstrong Punjabi woman, who, believes in facing her life head on. She does not get down easily, has an inherent positivity about herself and believes in facing life, with her head held high and her fist ready. Deep inside she is a straight forward and simple person, but unfortunately for her, the world she exists in, is not about straightforwardness. The word fear and self pity are as alien to Jeet, as the world, she is about to get into.

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  1. I thought that this movie will deal with issues of immigrants in Canada but it turned out to be a Bollywood-like thriller!

  2. Nice Movie, Thriller, Neat & Clean No Vulgarity.

  3. Sooo real…Grass is always greener on the other side…. Please let me know if you are looking for more stories. I got plenty as I live in the UK and would love to be a part of your team.

  4. Some story related with village people. Suddenly life has been changed. People are doing same thing which they are doing in India and Pakistan. Naturally there is heroine in the bag. Many years the cocaine was coming from south america to India. Now it is two waý traffic and drugs are coming and going from one place to another. People are afraid of aids in USA. The black people are trying to help these newcomers.

  5. A good movie – the smuggling game structured by flunkies in India played in Canada

  6. Can I get my 1 hour 40 minutes back?

  7. wonderful movie and great performance well done

  8. Amazing , Amazing and again Amazing movie,

    its like a Hollywood suspense movie.

  9. ye vo salaman khan jese bakwas actors ki movies se to lakh guna aachhi hai,

  10. So exciting to see an Indian woman on her own, a complete unknown, like a rolling stone (at the beginning of the movie). How will she handle it?

  11. not bad
    but movie became boring just because of they want to show more suspense.

  12. contact for homosexuality rehabilitation…N book …..8168473399 Harriet whatsaap

  13. The actress in movie has impressed me. Movie was boring but not very bad.

  14. gripping movie. Very well enacted. Mistakes need to be ignored

  15. a m****r f*****g meaningless movie… total waste of time.

  16. What a bullshit movie a waste of time

  17. It shows what's the punjabi condition in the west….and how they manage to go and what the fuck they get….

  18. Good Movie . End Of The Movie with these lines —- Hor Sab Khuch Taan Hai —- Par — Pind De Khusboo Nahi Hai , Maa – Toon Nahi Hai , Tere Paranthe Nahi —- Tere Bahut Yaad Aatee Hai ——- Eh he Taan Sachai Hai ——

  19. That's true every immigrant has a story. This movie reminded me 2012 when I left my country… I still miss everything.

  20. fabulous movie …42 or 4o age is just a number you dumb people

  21. I gave up to this movies. She can open the bag but she didn't . Who motherfucker made this shit movie ?? Fuck this shit kind of bloody movie

  22. Very nice and interesting movie …keep up the good work!

  23. Indians are a scourge for all humanity.

  24. Hi, after this movie, i want to say that, it can happen to anyone who want to go abroad in hurry without proper documentation or in legal ways. movies like this can teach us to not to be in hurry and to not to go abroad illigally. I have seen many people from punjab they go abroad illegally and do dirty jobs in abroad. they pay a lot of money to the stupid and bastard agents and these agents misguide them and cheat them in terms of money, socially.

  25. nice movie….she runs funny…😉

  26. After watching this movie, I see that I should not complain about anything. This woman was incredibly smart and brave when she saved her brother.

  27. <3 Glad to see this movie still being popular. Perhaps more and more people are becoming related to this kind of scenerio…

  28. Good yaar fantastic. But don't compared with other's bolly commercial movies. Both r good

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