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Kannada New Movies 2014 | Chandra | Shriya saran, Prem.

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Kannada New Movies 2014 Chandra *ing Shriya saran, Prem.
Chandra is a 2013 and 2014 Indian Kannada fantasy Movie .The story revolves around Chandramathi (Shriya Saran), a princess, and Chandrahasa (Prem Kumar (actor))a music teacher. The duo falls in love with each other. But the princess is engaged to Arya (Ganesh Venkatraman), settled in the US, against her wishes. She is not at all impressed by the US culture and tries to contact Chandrahasa to express her feelings. In another development, Chandrahasa promises his father that he would forget Chandramathi and allow her to marry Arya. But on the wedding day, the story takes a dramatic turn which ends on a happy note #kannada


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  1. awsome………………………..

  2. love madidralva gotagodu papa niv love madilveno adike movi arta agilla mattondsala kutu nodi gotagutte dabba ante dabba ……..

  3. please put subtitles in portuguese.thanks

  4. same old wine in new bottle, but good costume.

  5. Bull Shit!! Waste of time and talent… 

  6. Till end was good but the finishing part was horrible… no meaning at all…

  7. superb finish ……(chandra) …….


  9. its bored film no story in this movie,
    finally i am telling this dabba movie

  10. simply waste of time guys.. its really boring and nothing is there in story

  11. What a bunch of useless folks here… Everyone commenting about a "waste" movie, go straight to 45:45 and you will automatically reach into your pants for Shriya… what a bomb!

  12. the video has 196,340 views. All the credit goes to shriya saran. I my self have seen this videos 40 times till now only for sexy shriya. I am sure 90% of viewers who have seen this video , have seen it only for hot saran. instead of commenting on shriyas beauty and talent we are commenting on the movie and story. i would request the audince specially young men like me who are watcing for hirya to fill this vidoe with praise for shriya beauty.

  13. Shriya Saran is looking so sexy and seductive that who cares for the story or the hero. I saw it 4 times in theatre only for hot shriya. Even thogh i do not understand the regional language i saw it in theatre for hot hot shriya.

  14. we are all commenting on the story and sating it is bad but we are actually watching this video (such high viewership) is for shriya. But we are not commenting on shriya. Common all you young blooded men fill this with comments on shriay just as you fill your underwear with hot cum on seeing shriya.

  15. From were I can get English subtitle please give url

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