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Madhvacharya — ಮಧ್ವಾಚಾರ್ಯ|Kannada Full HD Movie|FEAT.Poorna Prasad, Ravindra

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Watch Poorna Prasad playing lead role from the film Madhvacharya. Also staring Ravindra, Shrivathsa and Others.

Director: G V IYER
Release: 1991

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  1. Excellent Movie – Madhva Philosophy great – Jai Sriram

  2. If Jeevatma and Paramatma are different, in Mahabhartha which happened on earth, whether Krishna represents Jeevatma or Paramatma ? If he represents Jeevatma, he should have rebirth. If he represents Paramatma, it shows that Paramatma can appear on earth and live like man which contradicts Dwaita.

  3. Krishna is paramatma. Paramatma is always different from Jeevatma. Paramatma incarnation is also poorna, and after its completion, it joins the original, which is also poora "Poornasya poorna maadaya pooranmeevava shisyate"

  4. Thanks a lot for uploading this movies..

  5. srinivasan channiga sir, god is born as human so that he can teach us the way of life,he is the creator so he can take part in his creation to teach his creatures the path to moksha,even after attaining moksha jivathma cannot become one with parathma,for example a drop of water when mixed to ocean appears as if it has become one with ocean but even in ocean it remains as drop and only

  6. Good movie, but I am not sure if some scenes got cut/edited (esp. the logical debates/arguments of Sri Madhvacharya with other seers) I am from dwaita-following family, by birth. While discussing/debating the preaches adwaita, visistAdwaita or dwaita, we should consider the-then-existing socio-cultural situations and different logics adopted by our holy seers to logically counter "cultural-invasions" on hindu dharma and hindu samskRuti!!

    In my view, the logic behind a mathematical lesson/equation is taught differently, to pupil studying different classes (in view of their age and assimilation capabilities) for their better understanding. For example, to solve the equation 2y/7=14, in the initial classes, teacher says, as a thumb-rule, "when you bring 2/7 to the opposite side (i.e. other-side of the '=' symbol) it becomes 7/2" automatically! Simple, which solves the equation and we get the value of y!! But after getting into higher classes, we learn/realize that in order to solve the equation to find the value of y, we need to multiply both sides with a constant (7/2) so that there is no impact on the equation overall (i.e. we neither increase nor decrease values on either side as a part of solving the equation to get the value of y) Moreover, we also learn/realize that multiplying both sides with 1 makes no difference overall. 1 also can be represented mathematically in this current scenario as '7/2 X 2/7" hence this constant can be used on both sides of the equation to get the value of y. Based on the class (maturity level) different methods are taught for solving the same equation. Most important thing to remember/understand here is that the value of y (truth) does not change despite adopting different methods to solve the equation!

    Extending the above logic, we can draw an analogy that by default atmas are like pupils in different classes; based on their maturing levels (through purva punya and/or punya attained by certain deeds) they get promoted into different classes and will be in a position to understand the logic (tatwa) of the equation (salvation) and also the induced/fictitious multiplication factor (7/2 above) which is nothing but maya!

    Further, imagine if a pupil (who is not mature enough) is told "aham brahasmi", he thinks that he is above all and there is nothing else for him to learn! Also imagine, if pupils are told that they can write the exam without an examiner/watcher! There won't be any discipline. So in order to make a pupil learn, it is common to inculcate discipline first! For that we introduce the concept of examiner! The same student after reaching higher classes (like research, Ph.D) does not need watchers or examiners anymore!!

    Similarly, atmas also are at different levels/classes in the process of realizing/reaching the paramatma! Based on their maturity levels, deeds (karma) and also based on paramatma's daya, they get progressed or regressed into different levels!!

  7. There should have been SUBTITLES for best understand of full movie. THANKS FOR UPLOADING

  8. Thank you SRS media. Thanks once again.!

  9. can anyone please tell me which mantra is it in background from 9th minute to 11 minute

  10. Got it.The music is the astonishing Sama-Veda hymns known as Samagama

  11. english subtitles plz.. anyone know any link with english substitle for this movie ?

  12. hats off to the director who direct this movie madwacharyas blessings will be to him

  13. Hari sarvottama vaayu jeevottama !!! tattvavaada !!

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