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Rajani the strong and muscular knows how to handle any situation with self-confidence. He sees Sandhya in Chamundi Hills and impressed with her looks. As Rajani goes behind her he faces the rabble rousers one after the other. Firstly out of a prank created by Sandhya the hell breaks out when Rajani take on Lanka Raj. But the same Lanka Raj becomes a friend of Rajani. That is because Rajani saves the daughter of Lanka Raj in a virtual train accident. Rajani wins the heart of Sandhya but it is not easy path to marry her. Jakka is the big offender to Rajani plan. Jakka the most feared personality wants to marry Sandhya. The reason for Sandhya changing her stay frequently is also to keep her away from Jakka. When Sandhya’s brother another don in the city is also captured by Jakka it becomes obvious for Rajani to take on Jakka. Rajani is hit badly put in the grave yet he comes up to make it tough in the final battle with Jakka and his gang. In a stiff battle Rajani wins over Jakka.


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